Monday, June 2, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 6-2-14- New Companion, Elder White

Man you guys are so awesome! For real I love you all so much! Every week getting to hear from you guys is a real treat! First off I just wanted to say great job momma! You survived it as PTA president which definitely is something to be proud of! And maddie, I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what that award is that you won, but it sounds legit so great job! Good job as well everybody for finishing the 5K! It sounds like you guys had a fun time at that! Alright yes Mom, I did get the package. Thank you so much for that! But for real, you did not need to send all the extra grub! I was expecting just like a little package with the pants in it, but nope just this huge lunker box comes in! Mom, for real I'm already getting chubby as is, do you not want me to be able to fit in the new pants you bought me!?? haha just kidding but really thank you those pants are perfect! I will try and send back the ripped ones today. There's a post office in our area, so if we have some extra time today I'll ship those back.

So like I said last week were transfers so I got a new companion named Elder White. Such a stud! He's from Lone Peak, and I can already tell that we're gonna get along great! He's definitely willing to work hard, because this week we went so hard! Every night we got home just dead tired! Somebody actually called me out on it right at the end of the night as we were knocking doors. haha he said I looked like a raccoon cause of the bags under my eyes! No worries though it's all worth it. haha basically I'm just sick of not having any people to teach, so we just went out and found! We went on exchanges with one of the AP's this week, so we were in a trio for a day. It was a way good experience. I learned a ton this week. But yeah real quick I'll share about one of the miracles we saw this week!  this week on Saturday, we were harvesting in the trailer park that is now in our area, and we knocked into a family of 6 from Argentina. At first the mother tried to give us a lame excuse but we still managed to get into the house. After we gathered everyone together and knelt down and said the prayer the mother had tears in her eyes! The spirit was definitely there in that home. After we invited them to be baptized the father said, "I was baptized catholic, christian, so all that's left is mormon. So why not!?" It was unreal, they had lots of questions about church the next day so we taught them right there all about the sacrament. They were super pumped to come to church and were still unsure what happened cause they were a no show. But we are going to see them again tonight so were excited about that!

For real though you guys are the best! I just want you to know that I know this is God's work. The mission is the most amazing experience of my life. It's certainly been challenging but all the things that I've already learned have been priceless! I hope you all have an incredible week of summer and I look forward to hearing about all of your sweet stories! Keep doing work! Love ya!
Elder Nielsen

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