Monday, June 16, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 6-16-14


As usual sounds like you guys had an incredible week! I was glad to hear as well that you guys were able to spend father's day all together just chowing down on some ribs! Those are the best times just chilling as a family! Dad, happy father's day! Thank you again for all that you have done for me! You guys sound like you have a super fun trip planned for this week as well! You definitely have to say hi to everybody for me!

I feel like we had a very successful week this week. As always it wasn't easy but we made it work and had some fun in the process. I'll start off though by saying that sadly, our dominican family was not baptized this sunday. No worries though, this upcoming week we have a solid plan to help them feel prepared for this upcoming sunday. I learned a lot this week about being bold, but not overbearing. haha sometimes I just get to excited and kinda push people, but I'm gonna change! I want to share a quick miracle that we saw this week. We had been harvesting for a while and it came to the point where we had an appointment to go to and we could either leave now or try and knock one more door. We knocked one more door and of course it was somebody elect! At first he tried to give a lame excuse about how he was busy but we put our faith in action and took a step forward and pointed inside his door that we could just kneel down right there. He let us in and we got to know him more. It turns out he actually lived in Utah for almost a year, and dated a girl who was LDS. After the prayer the first thing he tells us was, "Guys I'm sorry I tried to deny you at first, but I just felt like I would be touching Jesus with dirty hands if I let you in." We quickly explained about the Atonement and Baptism and of course he said yes! His name is Ever, I'm pretty sure it's short for something, but he's like a 40 year old guy from Nicaragua. It gets even better though, so the night of our return appointment with him it was just pouring rain. It rained so much this week. Anyway it's dumping rain, and we had planned to go out with an 18 year old from our ward, and he was going to bike with us. We didn't think he would be down to still go but he was! So we bike through what felt like a mini hurricane to his house. We get there and he was just pumped to see us.Then he told us about how he hadn't smoked a cigarette at all since we had prayed with him. He said for some reason ever since we stopped he had no desire to smoke anymore! Sadly, because of Father's day plans with family he was unable to come to church, but he is super excited to come this next week, and be baptized on the 29th! So legit!

So yes, like I said, this week it rained a lot. And let me tell you Florida rain storms, are nothing like Utah. When it rains here, it rains. HARD! haha so being on bike, we were wet basically all week. It was fun though. I specifically remember on Thursday we knew it was going to rain sometime in the afternoon around 3, and we still needed to bike to some trailers. We start biking and then, just downpour! We were just chilling at this stoplight literally laughing our heads because it was raining so hard. It was as if we had just gotten out of a pool. But it was a real fun experience!

I hope you all have a great week, and that you stay safe on vacation! You guys are the best and I love you all! Thank you for all that you have done for me, and I'm sorry Mom, but I will try and send pics next week. The church is true and have a great week!

Elder Nielsen

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