Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 5-27-14

Un plato tipico of latin food

our view from our appointment
What's up everybody!? Sounds like you guys are about ready for summer! First off though, maddie I don't know if I believe you caught 5 fish! That's crazy, where did you guys go fishing? Send me pics por favor! I can't believe you're going into junior high, and that you got your braces off! You look so old! Stop that! haha anyway It's always good to hear that you guys are loving life!

This week was pretty crazy though, to say the least. So, first off I'll tell you all the stuff that went down with that Dominican family we found last sunday that fed us and let us in. So like I said the Mom, Angela, was taught in the DR for a little bit, and while we were there we met her daughter Jerlin. We told them we would stop by on Tuesday and help them pack because they moved to pennsylvania today. So we stop by and tuesday and meet her son named Ray, super legit kid, same age as me. We didn't even have to ask them or anything, but they all just sat down and were like alright teach us something. So we jumped right in, and taught a really simple Plan of Salvation, and invited them to be baptized. Boom, they all said yes, but we didn't expect much from it because we knew they were moving today so we explained how the process takes about 2 weeks so they would have to be baptized in Pennsylvania. So we go by the next day, and we start talking to Ray and he's just explains to us how they were talking about it last night, and then he asked if there was anyway they could be baptized the sunday before they left, and were just like, "I think so, but let us see what we can do." We call President explain to him the situation and he says yeah, we would just have to watch a session of general conference with them before Sunday! So we were pumped! So long story short the rest of the week we taught them everything, got members over everyday with us, and they were solid. Saturday they got interviewed they all passed, and were pumped and ready for church the next morning. Then sunday morning comes around and while were getting ready to head over to the church to meet our member who was giving them a ride they call us. Angela then starts to explain to us how they're not gonna come to church because Ray just left somewhere with his friends, and Jerlin had a sleepover at her friends house, and she for some reason doesn't feel ready now. We're both just like what in the world just happened. So sadly, they didn't get baptized. Huge heartbreaker but, we got them hooked up with the missionaries in Pennsylvania so as soon as they get there tomorrow the missionaries will be ready to pick up where we left off.

Sorry for telling that huge long story then just let down, but that was mainly our focus from this past week. No worries though, they will get baptized there and it will all work out! In other news transfer calls were last night, and I will be getting a new companion! Elder Page is leaving, and I will be staying here in miami lakes. I'm excited to stay because we do have 1 legit investigator named W, and a ton more potentials! So I will let you know next week about who my new companion is! I love you all so much, and hope you have an incredible week! First week of summer basically! I know this church is true, and I love being missionary! Keep up the good work back home!
Elder Nielsen

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