Monday, May 5, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 5-5-14

FELIZ Cinco de mayo! whoop whoop! Wow, can I just say that you guys are the best! I love reading all your emails every week and hearing about the crazy stuff back home! It sounds like the girls were busy with their recital this week! Sorry little sissys that I wasn't able to reply to your emails but just know I love you guys and am always happy to hear about what's going on in your lives! Thank you so much as well for sending me all the pictures! I love pictures! Kylie, stop looking so flipping gorgeous! Man, it's a good thing Dad is working his tail off and getting jacked! haha but seriously that picture of dad holding the shotguns was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

So yes our week here was incredible! And as you already know yes we did attend the temple cultural celebration! Haha I can't believe I was actually in it and that you saw me! I didn't realize until after but I was thinking about it, like why was there a light in my eye the whole time but I guess I was just lucky and that's what happened! The cultural celebration was super fun though! I felt like it was just a huge reunion! I got to talk to Elder Ward again, and all the other missionaries I used to live with so that was fun! Then as well I saw a whole bunch of my homies from fountainebleau! Specifically Benjamin and Alicia! I almost wept, when I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turn around and see B's face! haha it was legendary. Then the same thing happened with Alicia and she tried to hug me! haha I just started backing up and stuck out my hand. She was actually in the celebration so it was just awesome to see all the recent converts still being bosses! The temple dedication was amazing as well! We got to attend at our chapel here, and obviously the spirit during the sessions was incredible! I feel super blessed to be here in this historical time in South Florida!

Well I don't really know what else to write about the week other than the temple stuff! But even with all that going one we did still do missionary work! I actually got to go on 2 exchanges this week. I went on one with the Zone Leaders, and one with the other elders in our district. Both times I left my area and went into their area so that was fun. Their areas are Opa Locka, and Miami Gardens. Both straight hood. haha easily the most black people I've ever seen! But it was super fun, and I learned a ton! Hopefully one day I will get to serve in one of those areas because they are boss!

I also love our area here in Miami Lakes! We knocked out quite a few apartments this week, and found some cool peeps that we're excited to follow up with! I'm not sure what else to write about because all we're doing right now is finding. All our other investigators last week either dropped us or wouldn't act so we're kinda starting fresh, but I have faith that God will lead us to someone who's ready to be baptized! I'm also super grateful to be here with Elder Page. He's an amazing missionary and I feel super blessed to have had such legit companions. I learn something new everyday, which is always legit! Oh, and for skypeing we have some members who said we can come to their house. We're planning on going after you guys get home from church. so it will be around 6:30 here, but like 4:30 there. So that should work right?? I'm pumped to see all of your beautiful faces! I love you all and just want to let you know again that I know this church is true! Missionary work isn't easy but it is definitely worth it, and I love my mission! Love you guys!
Elder Nielsen

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