Monday, July 6, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 7-6-2015

4th of July. Since Missionaries aren't allowed to do Fireworks I figured that while we were out on our roof watching some I had to do something similar with bug spray and a lighter! ;)
Wow, that looked like a fun family reunion!! I feel like I was practically there with all of the pictures that you sent me! :) thank you for that! I think the best thing I saw was Kendal's hair! Hahaha I thought it was a joke when I first saw it, but I can't believe he actually left it like that for the whole trip!! That's hilarious! We seriously have one of the best families ever! It's amazing that we can still all come together and have a great time and help each other out. No wonder, Satan tries to go so hard to do everything that he can to destroy families! Because they literally have a life changing effect on our lives! 

Over the course of my mission my memory just keeps getting worse and worse! Every email I just try to think back on the week and I can never remember what happened! One of the highlights this week was we had MLC on friday. MLC's are fun, because Us and President get to give a training to all the Leadership, and then they end up basically giving the same thing to all the missionaries in their zones. It was a little stressful preparing it, just because you know that the things you present will be presented to the whole mission! But our training went better than we even expected! So that was a big relief. 

Also this week, we baptized another awesome Jamaican lady named Myrtle! I call her my Jamaican Grandmother. She's an older lady and she always call us 'sweeties' and 'dear' and just says grandma stuff all the time! Haha she's an awesome lady though! Such a huge miracle. The way that we found her was she was a media referral. So we just get a text on our phone with her phone number and address and name. So we tried calling her but she didn't answer, so we decided to just look up the address and go. When we get to her place we realize that she lives in a 55+ community. Now let me rant for just a moment. . . There are so many 55+ communities in Florida! It's ridiculous!! Basically what they are is just these huge apartment complexes full of only old people! Now don't get me wrong I love old people, but there's nothing worse than driving along and seeing a huge apartment complex you get all excited to go and knock it. And then you  go and knock it, and find only people who can understand you if you yell at the top of your lungs directly in their ear!! So when we first get there, in our minds we just imagined it going no where. But we went and knocked her door and she was so excited to see us!! Apparently a few years back she was living in New York with a friend who was a member and they had missionaries over all the time. Then when she moved down here she didn't know how to get in contact with the church. So her friend just got her address and sent it in as a media referral. She was super legit from the very beginning. In our first lesson with her she asked us, "So what do I need to do to be baptized??" haha there's nothing better to a missionaries ears than that phrase! :) 

Other than that not that much happened this week! Except Sunday! Sunday was an awesome Sunday for us as well! Elder Burgoyne and I nick named it "Recent Convert Takeover". haha the reason being because it seemed like every recent convert got a calling or was already doing something to help out the ward. It's awesome to see just how quickly people can progress in the gospel. And how much the Lord can help us along the way! I love this work! I know that it is the Lord's work! I know this is His Church! Have an amazing week and I love you all! 

Elder Nielsen 

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