Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 7-27-2015. New companion, Elder Hayward

Elder Burgoyne (middle) going home and a new companion, Elder Hayward
First I would like to start off with a Birthday shout out to my youngest sister Kenz!! I love you Kenz and happy Birthday! Don't worry I didn't forget! ;) And I'll be sending you a letter today so get ready! It sounded like you guys had a legendary week this week! Pioneer Day looked like a great time! Our ward here tried, to have a little Pioneer Day BBQ, but it was just pouring the whole time, so it kind of got wrecked! haha but it was the effort that mattered!

Like I said last week, this week was transfer meeting. Which basically means, death as an Assistant! haha not really it just means you have to do a whole bunch of extra crap, that takes away all your time of proselyting in your area, and causes your stress levels to skyrocket. . . ! Whoo! I'm sure you can catch the sarcasm in my voice! There are many things that I LOVE about being an assistant, but if there's one thing I will complain about it is definitely preparing for transfers. It's ok though, everything worked out, I didn't have a stroke, and nothing big was forgotten. So it was a Success!! 

So, as I said before Transfer weeks basically kill our area for the week. But...! In the few short hours that we did have everyday, we got some serious work done! It's a blast being back with E. Hayward. He was one of my favorite companions, and we served together in Hollywood. We're calling this transfer the REDEMPTION transfer. Because last time we were together we just didn't do as well as we should have. So, Round 2 now we're making sure we don't make the same mistakes! 

This week we tried basically every single day to get in contact with Vena, and we just heard nothing! So we were stressing out super hard, and in our minds we had basically dropped her. But on Saturday night as we were driving to an appointment I felt like we should give her one last call. So I did, and she finally answered! She kept apologizing for not answering any of our calls. She said that she was going to come to church the next day. And she did! We got to have a good long chat with her and we finally figured out what happened! Basically she just got super nervous for her baptism and all of her friends were telling her that she wasn't ready, and unfortunately she listened to them! But then she said when she was at church she felt the spirit super strong and just knew that this is where God wants her to be. So she reset her date, and she should be getting baptized this Saturday! So sick!

Sorry, I'm totally out of time, but I love you all so much! I'm so grateful for the Gospel! I know that it can change each and everyone of us! 

Elder Nielsen 

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