Monday, July 13, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 7-13-2015

Our new ride (I wish!)

It sounded like everyone had some eventful weeks at all of their different camps!! Thanks for all the cool stories and pictures! Maddie, I wish I could have been there for you and Mom's lightning story!! That sounded crazy! I'm glad no one got struck by lightning though. Thanks for all the updates on all my homies back home as well. It's crazy to hear about how many people are getting home right now!! Please make sure that you tell everyone that they absolutely CANNOT get married before I get home!! haha thanks! Also tell them all that I would love to email them so give them my email address and tell them to email me please!! :)

Every week is a great week here in Ft. Laud, but this week it seemed like we especially saw the tender mercies of the Lord! So, 2 weeks ago Satan went hard on all our investigators and none of the came to church. . . which was not good because Elder Burgoyne and I set a goal of baptizing 11 in our 2 transfers together. Right now we are at 10, and we need at least 1 more. But that Sunday was our last Sunday to bring people to church to baptize before the Transfer ended. So we were devastated!! But we decided that there was still some way that we were going to baptize before E. Burgoyne went home. So we started praying specifically to find someone who has been to church before. Or for some former investigator who had been to church before. Then on Tuesday, right after zone training we got a call from one of our former investigators named Vena. She had been to church just a few weeks before and she was really solid, but then randomly one day she just dropped us and told us she didn't want us coming by anymore. But this time things had changed. During the phone call she was telling us about how on the 4th of July she made a mistake and got drunk. Then she started throwing up, and she said that as she was throwing up something prompted her to call us. Then she started thinking about it and she recognized how unhappy she was at the moment and how happy she had felt when she came to church and was reading the scriptures and visiting with us. So a couple days later she called us, and told us she wanted us to come back. We started teaching her again, and she came to church this Sunday, and now she is ready to be baptized this Saturday!! 5 days, before E. Burgoyne goes home! :) So Sick!! This experience really strengthened my testimony of how God truly is preparing all of His children to receive the gospel! Sometimes even in the strangest of ways! Haha I never thought someone puking their guts out would be how they were prepared, but God works in mysterious ways! ;) 

This week we also had transfer planning with President since transfers are in a week and a half! It's crazy to think that it's already been 2 transfers since I first got here with E. Burgoyne. Time has gone WAY too fast! So now I'm just trying to learn all of the last things I need to learn from Elder Burgoyne so that when he leaves things don't completely fall apart!! I've never felt so much pressure in having to take over, but it's good! I'm learning a lot! :) I'm sorry my emails are so short! But my time here is short so I will just have to tell you all the stories in person! ;) Don't worry Dad, I'm not trunky though! I love you all so much! If there's anything that you remember from emails please know, that I know that I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and our Redeemer. I know that by coming unto Him, and by following Him we can find true peace and happiness! 
Elder Nielsen 

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