Monday, June 29, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 6-29-2015

Sounds like you all had a blast at the sundance zipline!! That place looked so legit! I can't believe that the Family reunion is this week as well!! I remember before my mish we would always talk about how the next one I would miss because I would be here. That feels like forever ago, and now it's actually here!! So weird, but please have the best week ever with the fam and say hello to everyone for them and that I love them and miss them!! I'm gonna have to apologize again this week for the letter it's gonna have to be brief, there's was a little extra junk I had to email Pres about which took forever! 

This week was a legit week! The main thing that made it legit was Lisa. Lisa was so ready to become a member of Jesus Christ's true church! So she did. She was baptized and confirmed this weekend!! So awesome! We visited her again every single day this week, and everyday she just learned something new that completely blew our minds. For example, Lisa told us that when she told her mother-in-law about her baptism the woman flipped and just started screaming at her and telling her all this crazy anti-stuff about how we baptize dead people and worship satan, and just a whole bunch of other crap. So afterwards Lisa just went to her gospel library app searched about baptisms for the dead, read all about it and found out for herself what it was really all about. So when we come by the next day we tell her that our message is about the temple, and she just cuts us off and taught us everything about baptisms for the dead, and told us her whole experience. Our minds were blown!! haha, oh and also she told us that after she read about it, she called her mother-in-law to correct her, and tell her the truth and re-invite her to her baptism because it didn't matter what she said she was going to be baptized!! 

I'm sorry my emails are kinda junky and I mainly just write about other people, but I just love the people here so much! And whenever my mind reflects on my week the only thing that I can think about is the people that we found, taught, and baptized! The people here in Florida really are the best. Sure, there are a lot of people that cut you off when your driving and honk at you, or just say dumb stuff to you about being a mormon. But the majority are amazing humble people that love the Lord. I believe there is a scripture in Corinthians that talks about how in order for us to love God, we also have to love our brothers, and our neighbors. And obviously we all want to love God, so the way that we can show that is by loving His children and serving and helping them. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that through Him we can become new people, and overcome our weaknesses. Have a great week!!

Elder Nielsen 

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