Monday, June 8, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 6-8-2015


Sounds like everyone had a nice start to summer!! Mom, I loved the pictures of your mountain bike ride!! That place looks amazing! Also, I can't believe Kylie is actually going to be a dental assistant at Dad's office! I still just picture everyone in mind as how they were when I left. So I still feel like Kylie is just a 16 year old girl, but I guess not anymore!! So weird, my mind is just constantly being blown every time I email! 

But while things might be slowing down for summer in Utah, things are really picking up here in Fort laud!! Something that is cool as an Assistant is that we get to watch the whole mission. What I mean by that, is we get to see the progression of the mission and what new things are happening and how people are improving and wards and stakes growing. It's really cool. Something fun about the mission as well, is that each month there's a theme. Basically it's just a creative way, to keep all of the missionaries excited and faith filled. So for example in March, everyone called it Miracle March. Then people would send out miracle texts to their zones using the #MiracleMarch. And it was just a fun way to get people excited. So now, in June, the theme is #JumpsuitJune. Jumpsuit meaning, the white baptismal "suit" people wear at their baptism. Then everyone in the mission is sending their baptism pictures to us, and at the end of the month, we're going to make a mosaic of all the pictures and it's going to be in the shape of the Fort lauderdale Temple. Hopefully that made sense how I described it, but it's going to be legit!! So everyone in the mission right now is super excited and it's just fun to watch it all happen! 

This past week, also was the last week of the transfer. So that means we had our last transfer planning meeting with President. At the beginning of my mission I always believed that transfers were inspired. But this past week I just got to see how INSPIRED they really are! It was a huge testimony builder for me, too see how much revelation can come as we truly prepare ourselves to receive it, and if we are truly seeking and asking for the right reasons. Fun Stuff!  

On top of all of the transfer planning and other random stuff, we did get to do some work in our area! We had a great week in our area, with many of our investigators coming to sacrament meeting! Specifically this one family of four. It is a mom and her 3 kids, and they are probably the coolest family I have ever found on my mission!! Just to give you some background info, here in South Florida, there are A LOT of dysfunctional families. It's really sad to see sometimes, but this family is just too legit too quit! The mom, her name is Akia she has her 3 kids in line all the time. They are some of the sharpest kids I've met! And she works 5 days of the week, and she takes care of her disabled father who lives with them. I never seen such a busy woman! They loved church, and after sacrament meeting A was talking to her 13 year old son, and she told him that next fast and testimony meeting he needs to go up and bear his testimony! It was just hilarious to hear their conversation because I felt like I had had the same conversation many times before in my life! ;) 

I'm always running out of time! I'm sorry, there are so many more experiences that I wish I had time to share! But please know that I love you all so much! Please keep praying for me! This week coming up will be huge with transfer meeting and everything else that is happening so I will need all the help I can get! But I know that God is real. That His hand is in our lives more than we can recognize it. Have an amazing week!

Elder Nielsen 

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