Monday, June 22, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 6-22-2015


First off, I would just like to say Happy Father's Day to my old man!! I couldn't have asked for a better father to raise me!! There's a scripture in Proverbs, that President always reads to the trainers in the mission that says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." So, I look back and there were so many times that I always thought that you were just being unfair to me. Like getting me to work so I could buy my own stuff, giving me a curfew, or just other random stuff. But now I realize that you were just "training" me up in the right way! And I'm so grateful for that, because there's no way I would have survived so far on my mission or in life without that! Love you Dad!! 

It sounded like everybody had a super eventful week! Kyle, I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous of your hawaii trip! But Hawaii has nothing on Florida! When we come back here after the mish I will make sure that our trip is 10X as eventful as your trip to Hawaii! Also, random question, Are we planning to come back here and visit after I get back?? Because if the answer is no, I need you all to start making some plans!! Also, Kenz I can't believe that you were crazy enough to chase a cow and grab a dollar bill off of it!! Haha I wish I could have seen that, because it sounded like the funniest thing ever! 

This week was another great week in the FFLM!! #JumpsuitJune is coming to an end and everyone in the mission is so pumped to baptize so that they can make it on the mosaic!! It's awesome to see the great work we're doing as a mission! I don't know if I've told you this before, but for the whole month of June Elder Burgoyne and I, are wearing suits everyday from 8 in the morning until 9 at night. They don't come off for meals, or while knocking doors, or for any reason! The reasoning behind our madness is just to stick with the theme of "suits" for this month, and also to send a message to the mission! So things are definitely "heating up"! 

This week was pretty uneventful in our area. We found some really cool people during the week, but then when sunday morning rolled around nobody was to be found. . . And then to make things better as we were walking into church I stepped in a giant dog turd! Hahaha it was hilarious! But we still do have some really sweet investigators were working with. Mainly, this Jamaican lady named Lisa. She is rock solid! She's read a chapter from the book of mormon every single night ever since we gave it to her! She's ready to be baptized whenever, right now she's just in a living situation with her ex-boyfriend that's preventing her from being baptized, but hopefully we can work that out this week! 

I'm sorry this is such a lame, short, and eventful email! But I love you all so much, and as always I'm so grateful for all that you have done, and still do for me! I know this is the Lord's work and there's nothing better than this!! 

Elder Nielsen

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