Monday, March 30, 2015

Miami Lakes YSA 3-30-2015


Wow!! What a week it has been!! We may not have been able to watch the actual march madness tournament but we definitely had some march madness here in Miami!! This week has been a lot of fun!! #ysalife I guess I'll just start off with some of the business stuff. Yes Mom, I got the GPS. I cannot thank you enough for that!! Haha we were driving around like chickens with our heads cut off before, but now were good. Also, I can't believe all of that sad news about the deaths. It's crazy to think how fast our lives here can go. It just shows how important it is for us to always thank Heavenly Father for keeping us here and for waking us up another day! 

Alright now for some of the March Madness! Like I had mentioned last week, working in a YSA area is a different experience. Haha but I didn't think it would be this different!! Haha some strange things happened this week. I won't go into detail but this week we decided that we were going to go and knock some campus housing on FIU campus. FIU was in my first area in Fountainebleau so I remembered seeing some open apartments we could go knock. So we go there and we started meeting just a ton of YSA people! Normally it's like you go knocking and you find 1 or 2 in an hour. Nah, it was basically as if we had just walked into a BYU campus housing and started knocking doors. So we met a lot of interesting people. . . And I'll just leave it at that. But all in all it was a good experience! 

This week we saw some amazing miracles!! Mainly with our investigator Jorge. I had mentioned him last week, but he is a super cool guy from Mexico. He had been to church a couple times before I got here, and he's been set for baptism from the beginning. So this week we finished teaching him everything and he got baptized on Sunday!! He is such a boss!! Probably one of the funnest people to teach in my whole mission. He is kind of a shy guy so when it came time for his baptism he got really nervous. Because basically our whole branch stayed for his baptism! There was probably like 60 people there because the branch hasn't had a baptism in so long everyone wanted to stay I guess! But he was able to calm down and you could tell he really felt the spirit. After his baptism he just kept telling us how he felt like a completely different person, and how he wanted it to stay that way always. He told us some pretty crazy stories about his life in Mexico and he has made some BIG changes to get to where he is today. 

I also received some really good news this week. We went on an exchange with one of the assistants. And the day before he had been in my old area in Hollywood. He said he had interviewed one of the people that I had found and taught. Her name is Taseia. She's the one who had a muslim background. But I guess she's getting baptized on Tuesday! Super cool!! 

I'm sorry I managed my time really poorly today, but I love you all so much I know this is the Lord's work. My commitment for you all this week is to watch the Because He Lives video and post it on everything and share it with someone personally. It's amazing! I know He lives!

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