Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hollywood Area 3-17-2015 Transfers

Finally saw the ocean!!

So, I'm sure you all have figured out because of the email on Tuesday, that this week is transfers!! This whole transfer President has been telling me and Elder Hayward that we would be staying together because we're such a good companionship and we're really starting to get things going in the zone. So this week didn't even feel like it was the last week of the transfer because we didn't even tell anyone that one of us could potentially be leaving. So then last night the transfer call comes and the assistants said, "Elder Hayward. . . . Stays! Elder Nielsen . . . Transfers!"

Then what happened next I can only describe using similar words to the scriptures, "And Elder Nielsen wept." Haha I don't think I've ever been so devastated! Alright, I didn't actually cry, but nonetheless it still sucked!! I don't think I've ever loved an area as much as I've loved it here in Hollywood. The people are great, the Members are bosses, the zone is finally baptizing, we got some golden investigators and then BOOM, See ya!! Haha, so I know this sounds like me just totally complaining and murmuring but I gotta be honest that's exactly how I felt last night! But after a long and mighty prayer last night I have accepted the fact that I will be leaving and everything is chill! I'm swallowing my pride, and I have decided that no matter how much more I still feel like I need to do in Hollywood, Heavenly Father just has somewhere better for me. I have no idea where I will be going. Usually I can guess pretty close to where I'm going to go, but honestly I could go anywhere. I guess I will find out tomorrow at transfer meeting!!

Like I had mentioned before this week just seemed like a normal week for E. Hayward and I. It was actually a really FUN week! We had zone training on Wednesday, and it was great to be with the whole zone and give a little training. I felt the spirit super strong during it so that's always good. Then the rest of the week E. Hayward and I just dug in our heels and went to work!! This week was sweet because we were able to find some super cool people! I will just briefly tell you about one of them. On Wednesday after Zone training we met this Haitian lady named Evelyn. She was really receptive when we first knocked her door, but she was in a big hurry so we just set a return appointment the next day. Then the next day when we go over one of the first things she asks us is, "So did my sister send you??" And were both just kinda like, "Umm, No. . " We were just in the area knocking and we met you. She then proceeded to tell us about how her sister and brother in law live in Haiti and they are super active members of the church. And just a few days before we showed up she had been talking to her sister about the hard time that she had been having. And her sister straight up told her that she would send the missionaries. Then just a few days later we feel inspired to go and knock a street and we found her!! Haha it was such a cool experience and I just love when we get to see how God truly prepares his children, and then puts us in their path. So we taught her all week and then she came to stake conference on Sunday and loved it. The story doesn't end there though. Because we introduced her to one of our members who is from Haiti. They start talking to each other in Creole, and then it turns out that the members brother is a bishop in Haiti, and he is actually the bishop of Evelyn's sister's family. Haha super crazy connections and instant member friends!!

Anyway I'm about out of time, but I love you all so much!! As I mentioned before I feel like leaving Hollywood is going to be just as hard as leaving home! ;) Just kidding, but if there is one thing that the mission has taught me, it is to give up trying to do my will. Our savior was the perfect example of humility when he prayed, "Nevertheless not my will, but thine."As followers of Him, it is our job to do our best to say the same everyday. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to represent my Savior and serve him here in South Florida. (No matter what city it may be! ;)) Have a great week!

Elder Nielsen

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