Monday, March 2, 2015

Hollywood Area 3-2-2015


What's up everybody!? It was so good to hear about all the fun events from this week!! I was super pumped to hear that BYU beat Gonzaga! haha actually as we were eating lunch somewhere this week I saw they were going to play and that gonzaga was ranked 3rd, but that's sweet that they actually won!! I also want to give a shout out to Maddie for being a trooper with her dance! I'm sorry I didn't get to reply personally to your email but just keep working hard. Maybe even send me a few pics of your blistered feet? ;) And a shout out for Kylie as well for getting into BYU! :) Man, I just have the best little sisters ever! And Kenz, don't think I've forgotten about you! You've always been my favorite sister. ;) But ssshh, keep that on the down low. haha just kidding you all really are amazing!!

This week was definitely one of those weeks where I just feel like Heavenly Father was looking down on us, and just said, "Good work Elders, here are some blessings." hahaha, as comical as that sounds thats really how we felt!! The week started out with a Zone Conference out in Naples! It was fun because we got to make the drive over to the "west side". Like I mentioned before that was a recent addition to our mission so it was cool to go and see what it was like over there, and get to know the new missionaries better. The trainings that we received there were some of the best trainings I've ever heard!! I felt like everything that President and the Assistants trained was perfect! So that was a good uplifting trip!

One of the biggest blessings that we saw this week as well was with Pierre and PJ! Holy cow so much drama has gone down with this. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time baptizing a 9 year old kid that just wants it so bad!! haha but the drama is over with!! (well mostly. . .) Pierre came to church on Sunday after having worked an all night shift at his security job, and he received the Aaronic Priesthood! Yes! Finally!! So everything is ready and good to go for him to baptize PJ this week. We still just have to work out what day exactly. . . that's why I said mostly but we should be chill!

Another huge blessing came this week on Saturday. We have been trying to work more with the ward and find some part member families that we could start teaching. So we got referred to this one Haitian family that hadn't been to church in forever and no one knew who was still living at their house. So we went by and we met this super receptive lady named Taseia. She didn't really know who we were or anything about us. So we basically just approached it like a normal door approach. We prayed with her, and after the prayer she was super receptive. We started talking a little bit more and it turns out she's a muslim. Well kinda, she said her Mom is pretty hard core Muslim but her Dad not really. And she grew up going to a christian school. So we invited her to church the next day, and she said, "Ohh, alright, but I'm already planning on going to my fiance's church tomorow." So then we asked her what church it was and she said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." We just point to our tags. Haha it was so legendary! So then she came to church the next day, and loved it!! We had a follow up lesson with her last night after church and she also accepted to be baptized!

There were many other blessings that we saw this past week but I'm sorry I've got no time left now!! I just want to finish by saying that I know that Faith is a real thing! I loved how you mentioned in your letter to me mom, that there are two parts to faith, belief and action. As a missionary I have learned the importance of acting in faith, and believing that God will be there to catch us and help us along the way! I have learned that there are many times when we may not understand exactly why we may be doing something. But I know that as we act in faith that we will be able to see the evidences of those actions! I love you all and have an amazing week!

Elder Nielsen

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