Monday, February 23, 2015

Hollywood Area 2-23-2015


I'm glad to hear that Kenzie's face recovered from taking a volleyball straight to the face!! :) haha funny story actually last P-day we had a zone activity and played dodgeball and I got nailed in the face twice! So I feel ya Kenz! haha. Also I can't believe Kylie went on a date with Mason!! Haha that still seems so weird to me that she hangs out with my friends brothers. But it's chill kyle! :)

This week was an interesting week here in Hollywood. Haha or should I say Hollyweird. Honestly just so much weird stuff happened. First weird thing that happened is I guess Pierre actually didn't receive the Priesthood on Sunday. So there was just a whole bunch of drama in Ward council on Tuesday night about that. So what ended up happening is PJ wasn't baptized on Saturday because Pierre had to be sustained in Sacrament first before he could receive the Aaronic priesthood. So the plan was for him to receive the priesthood yesterday, but then he couldn't make it to church because he had to work. So I don't really know exactly what's going to happen now but hopefully we can work it out!!

I've been able to learn a lot this week though! On sunday there was a missionary who returned from his mission in Los Angeles. He gave a really good homecoming talk basically just all about faith. I felt like a lot of the things that he said were what Heavenly Father wanted me to hear at that time. Over the course of my mission I have been able to gain a strong testimony of receiving revelation through church attendance. Before my mission it was just kind of like the routine. Go to church on Sunday maybe sleep through half of it and then the whole time just be thinking of how hungry I was! Ohh, how I wish I would have known about the answers I could have been receiving! Because there have been so many times on my mission where I have come to church with a specific question and I have truly found specific answers just from a few simple things that people may have said! That is one of my favorite parts about the church and as well about Heavenly Father. Nothing is hidden from you. We all are encouraged to ask questions, and if it is according to the will of Heavenly Father He will answer them! When Christ teaches us, "Ask and ye shall receive." That is literally what He means! I know at least for me, that sometimes that is too easy to forget. I am so grateful for a loving God who hears and answers prayers. I am so grateful for all of the answers that I have received from Him, and for the testimony that He has given me. I'm so grateful for all of you for all that you do for me and for all of your prayers and support. Have an amazing week and don't let a Sunday go by without having received answers and guidance from above!

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