Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hollywood Area 2-17-2015

Elder Nielsen and Elder Dunford (friend from high school)

Wow, it sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend in Cali!! I loved looking at all the pictures, it looks like a beautiful place in Palm Springs. haha it looks exactly like where we live here in Hollywood! :) No joke, we live right on a golf cours and the sun comes up every morning right behind it! I loved seeing the picture of you all with Rod as well. Shout out to that man, he is my hero!! I hope when I'm 88, if I even get to be that old, that I can still do as much as he does. Thank you as well for the Valentine's Day package!! It's always good to get just a little something from home so I really appreciate it.

This week was another amazing week here in Hollywood!! We had a zone training on Wednesday and it was super boss. It was focused on being able to work better with members and find referalls through them of people that we could teach. It definitely was inspired because to be honest, that's something that I've sucked at like my whole mission. My whole mentality before was, "Why do I need to go try and get referrals from members when I can just go out and knock doors and find people on my own?" haha so prideful. Nonetheless, I am repenting, and we actually were able to receive 8 referrals this week from members! haha I think that's more than I've received the whole rest of my mission. ;) just kidding.

So basically everyone asked about "the big guy". His name is actually David, and he is the man!! We went by on tuesday to the apartment complex he works at and we had an amazing lesson with him about the Gospel! He just soaked it all up, and was so pumped up to be baptized! Then towards the end of the lesson we decided we needed to figure out where he actually lives, so we asked him. . . And he told us he lives in Miami Lakes. . . . I heard that and I just about screamed out, "You gotta be kidding me!!??" haha yeah it kinda sucked. Because if you have forgotten Miami Lakes is one of my old areas. So we got his exact address and it turns out he lives literally 2 blocks away from the chapel down there. So then we explained to him about how he needs to go to church down there and how there are other missionaries that will go and teach him at his house. And now he is officially passed to the Elders down there. I wish I would have found him  when I was there!! But no worries God has a plan in everything.

On Sunday, our recent convert Pierre was able to get the Aaronic priesthood! Yeah buddy! Pierre is my boy! Such a stud. So now, he is fully prepared and ready to baptize his 9 year old son PJ on saturday! So that's something that looking forward too for this week.

Umm, other than that there's not much else that happened other than me and Elder Hayward just working hard. God is so good and has blessed me so much with great companions. I'm certain that if I would have known him before the mission we would have been good friends. He is an amazing missionary, so we're being blessed with lots of cool people to teach.

I love you all so much! I know this is the Lord's work! I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I know that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us true and lasting happiness! I am so happy on my mission. Not just because I am a missionary, but because I am living the Gospel more faithfully than I ever have before! I love it! Have an amazing week!
Con Amor,
Elder Nielsen

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