Monday, February 9, 2015

Hollywood Area 2-9-2015 New Companion Elder Hayward


As always so good to hear from everyone! Sounds like everyone is just enjoying the warm weather! It's crazy to think that there's not even any snow and it's still like the second week in February. So no skiing! :( As well I wanted to say Happy Valentine's day on Saturday! Sounds like you all will be traveling and on vacation so I figured I should share some love now! Cause my heart is locked! ;)

Alright Mom, I will do my best to answer all of your questions, because like you said A LOT has happened these past few days. On wednesday transfer meeting was great. President invited all the Tampa missionaries to come so it was cool I got to meet a bunch of them. There are actually several that transferred into our zone now. My new companions name is Elder Hayward. He is from Parker Colorado. He is just 1 transfer younger than me so we're basically the same age in the mission. Yes, we are the zone leaders of the Fort Laud zone. So that's a lot of fun. So with the new 6 companionships white washing in it's been fun. Several of them called us on their way back from transfers and were lost so we had to give them some directions. What was cool about the white washes is that President sent several missionaries back to their old area. So some of the areas have a missionary that had already served in that area, so they still remember where to go and what's going on, so that's been a big help. So the reason why Ft. Myers is now in our mission is because they are actually in the Ft. lauderdale Temple district, so it just made sense to have our mission be everything that's in the temple district. Phew, alright I think that was all the questions. But thank you for asking all of those, I love answering questions cause it actually gives me things to write about! :)

I'm really excited about this transfer! My companion is a boss. He's definitely not afraid of working hard which is great! I think that's one of my favorite things about being a zone leader is that you're almost guaranteed a boss companion so we're getting along great. My companion actually reminds me a lot of Braxton so that's funny too.

We saw an amazing miracle this week on Friday. We decided to go to this big complex to knock some doors, and we start talking to the first lady we see, and as we're talking to her this giant security guard comes and is standing right behind her giving us the meanest loook I've ever seen. And when I say this guy is big, I mean this guy is HUGE! He's like 6 foot 6 and has hands probably bigger than shaquille o'neal. haha as well when he folds his arms across his forearms is tattooed the phrase, "A man never forgets". So basically, I'm about to pee my pants right there. haha so we finish talking to the lady and then we approach him. At first he was just super closed off and just wanted to know why we were in his complex. We explained who we were and asked if we could pray with him. He accepted. He seemed a little bit softened after the prayer, but not a whole lot. Nonetheless we still got a return appointment with him for the next day. We go back the next day, we teach him the Restoration and he committed to come to church the next day. After the lesson he seemed a lot more softened and was actually talking openly to us. Sunday morning rolls around and we call him for church, and he said he was already on his way. He beat us to church! During sacrament meeting I could just see some tears pooling in his eyes, and all in all he loved church! We talked with him about baptism after church and he accepted a date for the 21st! Haha so solid! As we were saying goodbye he gave us both huge bro hugs, and we both were just like, "Who is this guy!? Haha so were excited to keep working with him!

That's basically it for this week, I know this church is true and I know this is the Lord's work. I know that the spirit can soften anyones heart if they will just let it in. I know Christ lives! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Nielsen

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