Monday, April 6, 2015

Miami Lakes YSA 4-6-2015

Our set up to watch conference

Man, I just love hearing about all of your stories from the week! The pictures as well are always nice. :) I also wanted to say thank you for the Easter package! We definitely enjoyed eating all the candy during conference! You all are exactly right Conference really is the best!! For Conference we went over to Miami Beach saturday morning to watch it, because the missionaries there said they would have it broadcasted. We show up and there is no one there so we tried setting up on a projector and we couldn't figure it out. So what ended up happening is we just connected a tv to the computer in the clerk's office and then set up chairs out in the hallway to watch. haha super ghetto! (pictures to be included) Then during Elder Holland's talk the internet just randomly stopped working. So we missed basically half of his talk! haha super disappointing! But even with all of the technical difficulties we were able to watch all the sessions of conference. 

This time for conference I decided that I was going to take notes differently. So rather than just write down random things that everyone said I decided that I was going to come prepared with several different questions that I was looking for answers too and then write down the answers to the questions as they came. And let's just say that I received many more answers than I was expecting! :) I truly have learned on my mission the importance of receiving personal revelation. I know that Heavenly Father wants to guide us and help us all we have to do is be humble enough and seek and ask. Rather than just say, "I can figure it out myself." That's been a tough lesson for me to learn because as you all know I don't really like asking for help, and if I can do something on my own I usually just do it. But over time Heavenly Father has found a way to teach me that lesson, and it's blessed my life so much! :) 

This week we also had a meeting called Mission Leadership Council. I'm pretty sure I've talked about it before. This MLC was different though because Brother Micahel Hemingway (Executive director for World- Wide proselyting) was there! Haha I'm not going to lie it definitely was a little bit intimidating because literally he is over all the proselyting in the whole world. But it was an amazing meeting and he taught us so many cool tips and pointers on how we can find, and teach better.

Another big thing that happened this past week was on Tuesday we had a mission wide conference call. For the past few months our mission has had a baptismal goal of 100 baptisms. So on Tuesday (the last day of the month) we had a conference call to announce the final total for march. And as a mission we got 101!!! Such a cool experience! Everyone was so excited and President Richardson has just been the happiest man I've ever seen! haha it has been a huge testimony builder to me that when we include the Lord in our goals, whether they be small or large He will help us achieve them! 

That's about everything for this week. We're basically just on the hunt for YSA's right now. We don't really have any investigators, but things are going to change this week for sure!! To answer your question though Dad, I have become VERY familiar with Miami! :) Haha I think I could get about anywhere in Miami now. But I hope you all have an amazing week! Enjoy your spring break and send me some pictures next week! :) 

One last thing that I wanted to share about Conference that I noticed. Everyone always ended by sharing their testimonies of the Savior. I don't believe there was one talk where someone didn't bear testimony of Christ. So I want to end by saying, that I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that He suffered for everyone of us. I know that through Him is the only way to finding happiness and peace in this life, and eternal life in the world to come. 

Elder Nielsen 

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