Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting Transferred- 4-28-2015


Wow, I can't believe that you got another cat!! It sounds like Kenzie guilt tripped you into it just like I did when I was little kid! "We have a special connection." hahaha I was such a strange kid! It sounded like you guys had a good time with some birthday parties this week as well!! Happy Birthday Grandpa you're the man! 

Well, I'm sure that you all know what's happening since I'm emailing on Tuesday. This week is transfers. Last night the transfer call came. And it went something like this, "Elder Nogueira Stays. Elder Nielsen. . . Transfers." WHAT!?! I thought for sure I was going to stay! In mission lingo we call that, "one and done". One and doneing an area is the worst!! haha it's like by the end of one transfer you finally start to feel a little bit comfortable, and then BOOM, you're gone! I honestly have no idea where I'm going so we will find out tomorrow at transfers! 

Part of the reason why I'm disappointed that I'm leaving is because this week was legendary! We had the best week of the transfer this past week. We got to teach Indira. every single day this week, and she is so cool!! She has kept every reading assignment that we have left her and she never misses an appointment. She came to church again and loved it. She has  a baptismal date set for the 9th and she's already marked it on her calendar! Also we got this less active guy named Jonathon to come back to church this Sunday. He is such a cool kid! Some sister missionaries knocked into him one day, and one of the first things he asked them was, "What do I need to do to serve a mission?" It was so funny, because we went by on Sunday morning before church to knock his door and to make sure he was still coming and he tried making some excuses about how he didn't have a shirt or a tie. We live not far from him, so we just drove back to our house and grabbed him one of our shirts and a tie! Haha he wasn't expecting that to happen! :)

I'm really sorry I did a horrible job of managing time today so I literally have no time because I want to try and send some pics. But just know that I love you all, and I'm so grateful for all that you have done for me! I know this is the Lord's work, and because I know that I know that wherever I go next to serve that it will all work out! 

Elder Nielsen

Downtown Miami

Check out what we did last P day! Miami Seaquarium! It's basically like Sea world in Miami. 

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