Monday, April 13, 2015

Miami Lakes YSA 4-13-2015

Graffiti District


Dang it sounds like you guys had a legendary Spring Break!! I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty jealous of all those sweet hikes and adventures that you had! So I need you to make me a promise. The first spring break after I get home can we go and do a similar trip to Moab?? I'm sorry I know you've done it 2 years in a row now, but that seriously looked like the best vacation spot!! Also, I promise you could never overload me with too many pictures. So keep them coming! :) 

This week was another memorable week! I love living the Miami YSA life! haha there's not a day that goes by where something bizarre or out of the ordinary happens. I love it, it keeps you on your toes!! As I mentioned last week, we basically started this week off with nothing. We had no investigators or potentials. So the hunt for YSA's began!! We just started trying every idea that we could think of to find YSA's! We went back to FIU campus to try and knock some more dorms. We ended up getting kicked off the campus. They told us we weren't allowed on campus unless we were part of a club or something. So that's our next goal. We're going to try and make a club and get like Bible or Book of Mormon studies going. But that's a work in progress. . . Also we decided to try a different college campus called Miami-Dade College and just walk around and talk to people. So we did that, and what we ended up doing was just walking up to people and inviting them to watch to watch #BecauseHeLives right there on their smart phones. We probably watched the video with about 20 people right there on campus. It was really cool. We met a lot of cool people and we found what we thought were some really solid potentials. 

Then Sunday rolled around. We had several people who had committed to be there and we had faith that they were going to show. Then surprise surprise nobody showed! haha the worst!! So E. Nogueira and I were pretty ticked to say the least. Then that night as were driving home, we get a call from some Sisters in our zone. They then told us this story about how they had this random person show up to church. She is a 24 year old girl from Bolivia who had met with missionaries over there, but she had moved here and lost contact. She was still interested so she looked up on where the nearest chapel was. She doesn't have a car so on Sunday morning she ended up biking and hour and a half to get to church and there she met the sisters! So the sisters were calling us to pass her to us, because she is YSA age! I basically just wanted to weep tears of joy! 

Serving in YSA has taught me a lot of things. One thing in particular is the power of prayer. We had been praying hard all week for at least one person to come to church. We had thought for a few hours that it didn't end up happening, but it did! I have learned the importance of saying specific prayers. I know that God hears and answers all of our prayers, in His timing. I know that as we pray for specific answers, that God will give us specific answers. 

Sorry, just one last thing that I forgot to share, but that is really important. This week we had personal Interviews with President Richardson. Man, I love that guy!! But we were talking and originally my return date from my mission was supposed to be October 15th. I was talking to President about how I felt a little bit jipped because that's basically only 23 months that I get to serve, since I started on November 6. So we talked about it, and after some discussion I received an extension!! President, decided to give me an extra transfer so that I can serve a full 24 months!! Whooooooo!!!! I promise Mom, I'm not kidding! ;) So now my return date will be 6 weeks after Oct. 15th. I believe it's about November 25th or something around there. So please know that I do love you all!! It's not that I don't want to see you, I just love my mission and I want to make the most out of it as I possibly can!! :) Have an amazing week! 

Elder Nielsen 

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