Monday, November 3, 2014

Coral Reef North Area 11-3-14

Happy halloween!!! (a few days late. . .) It looked like you guys had an incredible week! I loved all the pics! haha you all looked amazing in your costumes! Halloween was pretty uneventful here in the mish. We had to be home by 7 and we weren't allowed to knock doors after 5. So basically we just chilled all night in our apartment and carved some pumpkins! It was super fun though. On the mish you don't really ever have time to just "chill" so it was nice to just have a night of not really anything.

I'm sorry I don't have a whole lot of time to email this week so this is gonna be pretty quick. We had an alright week this week. A lot of things did not go as we planned and sadly, no one was baptized this past weekend. It's chill though because they all have dates for this upcoming weekend! We were working hard as usual and we were able to see a lot of miracles, but it still felt like there was just someone constantly pulling against us! I definitely learned this week that Satan is a real being, and he is constantly trying to pull us and those around us down. At times we may not feel it, but he is there.

One of our biggest miracles this week came with Pedro. We have been working with for a long time to try and help him be baptized. The only thing that has been holding him back was his father. His father was just a little unsure about what it would mean for him when he got baptized. We had been trying for the past few weeks to set up an appointment to meet with him and we finally were able to see him on Saturday. We were able to explain to Pedro's dad exactly how it was going to bless his son's life and he was finally on board for him to be baptized! Pedro, sadly was not! We were a little bit unsure as to what happened, but he would not commit to be baptized the following day on sunday. He still came to church though. Then at church, we were just talking to him and his mom after sunday school, and then out of the blue he just blurts out, "I think I need to be baptized on Friday." We all just look at him and say, "What!?" he replies, "Yeah, during class I just really felt like I need to be baptized on friday so I want to be baptized on friday. Can I do that??" I'm pretty sure the yell of "YES!" that come from our mouth's was heard through the whole chapel! So we are super excited for him! It's about time though! ;)

One of the scriptures this week that really helped me out this week was Helaman 5:12. As I said before it just felt like Satan was attacking us, and that scripture gave me so much comfort. It talks about how if we build our foundation upon Jesus Christ is doesn't matter what things he may try and throw at us we will not fall. So how important it is, that we constantly be building our foundation on Him! He is the only who knows exactly what is going on in our lives, and the only one who can bring us true and lasting happiness. I know that as I continue to strive to follow him that I will be able to build and rely on Him. I know it is the same as well for each and everyone of us in our own lives. I love you all keep working hard, and building upon our Savior!
Elder Nielsen

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