Monday, October 27, 2014

Coral Reef North Area 10-27-14

Alright, I'm sorry about this one. You said you wanted a pic of me and my comp, but this is the only one I got. At the picnic, they did the donut on a string game, so obviously we had to get in on that.
Whats up everybody!!?? As always thank you for all of your great emails. I'm sorry I never have time to respond to all of them! I was super pumped to hear about the new bishopric though! I can't believe how many legendary members there are in our ward. We've got some awesome members here in Coral Reef as well! The members here do so much. I don't think I've ever had such good member relationships as I have here in Coral Reef. It's awesome I love it.

Alright, I'm gonna be straight up honest and say that this email is probably gonna be junk. Haha i'm sorry I'll apologize upfront but for some reason I just have no desire to write today. . . Our week was pretty good though. A lot of things didn't go according to plan, which was a little bit frustrating, but there wasn't much we could do about it. One of which was with our boy Pedro. He is 16 and he is a boss. I wrote a little about him last week, and he was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but sadly that didn't go down. We were supposed to meet his Dad, on Saturday and explain to him everything, but he totally bailed. But no worries all the pieces are already falling into place for his baptism this upcoming sunday. Charly as well is still super solid. His divorce papers should be coming back within the next 2 weeks, and then as soon as they get here, they can go ahead and get married! The family that I wrote about as well last week is still super solid. They just have been out of town all weekend so their progress was hindered a little bit there.

Those are basically all the people were working with now. They're all super awesome, and super close to becoming members, we just gotta finish strong!! One miracle this week came last night. Last night we were determined to just go out and find some sick people. We had harvested a lot during the week, and we didn't see as many miracles as we would have liked. We began harvesting and we knocked into one of the most elect couples I've ever met. They are an older couple from Cuba, and they are incredible! They let us right into their home, and began thanking us for being there, before we had even done anything! After the prayer, the Spirit was definitely present, and they accepted everything!

That's basically it for our week. Oh, haha I remembered as well that it rained all day for 3 of the days this week, so we got some good biking in the rain action! That was fun! :) I know this is the Lord's work. There is literally nothing else that I would rather be doing. I'm gonna be honest and say that I am in pure denial of my year mark coming up! I hate thinking about that! I miss you all, but I do not want to go home. Miami is my home!! I hope you all have the best weeks of your lives, because me and my nino are gonna go out and have the greatest week of our lives!
Elder Nielsen

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