Monday, November 10, 2014

Coral Reef North Area 11-10-2014

All I can say is you all are da best! I'll just get straight to it and answer all of your millions of questions mom! ;) haha

Being out a year sucks. On thursday I literally just woke up mad. It feels like yesterday that I entered the field. It's whatever though I'm just going to work harder this upcoming year!

Our apartment is actually a house. It's not too ghetto, but I wouldn't describe it as luxiourious thats for sure. There's 4 of us. haha I guess I never told you this but this past transfer it was me, my son, Elder White and Elder page in our house. And if you remember elders white and page were my past companions so I've been living with the same people for forever! Elder Page goes home tomorow though so someone new will be coming in. Oh and fyi as well transfer calls came last night, and Elder Marsden and I will be staying.

Yes we cook Mom. For breakfast I always have either oatmeal or cereal. Then for lunch if we have member food i just eat that or I will make some pasta, grilled chicken sandwiches or burritos. For dinner we either have a meal appointment with members or we eat out or just don't eat dinner until we get home. usually the latter. haha i know it's not the healthiest but ain't nobody got time for that!

My companion is a boss. We get along really well. We have a fun time but at the same time we work hard. He was big into music, and singing before the mish. So I've had him sing a lot in lessons. The people love it! His spanish is improving a lot as well.

Exercise. . . Oh man. haha it's so hard! usually what we do is we just go play wiffle ball out in our street in the morning or we just do some push ups and sit ups. That's basically it. haha yeah I'm getting fat!

I have yet to see the ocean. Our area borders it, but we never go over there cause it's rich as all get out.

We try and serve as much as possible. This week we helped some members move stuff outside for a garage sale. Not too big, but once in Miami lakes we helped like 4 people move in 1 week.

I have no idea what I'm going to need for christmas. Probably just some ties. All my stuff is still good. Maybe if you wanted to send another pair of those target pants I wouldn't complain. ;) I can tell you what I do need now though! I don't know why but every week at the end of the week we run out of food! So if you could send a package with some snacks, that would be great! :) as well as some wiffle balls, and pens.   

No I did not celebrate my year mark all I did was cry myself to sleep. And the journal writing has been a little iffy, but I bought a voice recorder and I record something almost every night about our day, so that's basically my journal.

Sorry I have no more time to write and that took forever! But I love you all! Pedro didn't get baptized. Super lame excuses. This week was frustrating but good at the same time. I learned a lot. Keep going hard back home!
Elder Nielsen

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