Monday, November 24, 2014

Coral Reef North area 11-24-2014

Elder Marsden and I with the ward mission leader
Happy thanksgiving everybody! Whoop whoop! I loved all of your emails this week as always! I'm glad to hear as well that everybody will be getting together for some turkey dinner! Say hi to everybody for me please! Tell them I'm sorry that I never have time to reply to all their emails, but that I love reading them!

Life here in the Mission seriously is too good. I'm not gonna say that's it's just sunshine and rainbows all the time and that life is just easy. Because it's most definitely not, but I still just love it here. I love getting home after a long day of work and just feeling fulfilled. Missionarry work honestly is the most fulfilling work I've ever done and that I will ever do!

This week was an awesome week in Coral Reef. My nino and I went out and did some serious work! We saw a lot of miracles and we were able to find a lot of cool people. Probably one of my favorite people right now is this guy named John. He was a former investigator from like 2 years ago, and we found him in the area book, and picked him back up. He is an 85 year old veteran and is just a boss. He came to church on sunday for all 3 hours and loved it. He just needs a little help right now to give up smoking but he will get there!

Another miracle we saw this past week came on Thursday. We were out harvesting and we had already knocked several doors in this area, and hadn't said one blessing. We were thinking of leaving to go try another area but we decided to knock one more door. We knocked this door, and this older lady from Nicaragua comes out. We asked her what she wanted us to pray for, and she asked us to pray that she would have faith. We said the prayer, and it was obvious that she felt it. She knew that we had been sent by God, she accepted everything and came to church this past sunday. She loved it and is now preparing to be baptized! 

This week as well we had a specialized training with the whole mission. President Richardson talked a lot about this new christmas initiative called He is the Gift, which will start the day after the thanksgiving. So definitely keep an eye out for that cause the Church is going so hard on it! At the end of the training President just asked us, "Were you all a little bit upset when I said you couldn't watch Meet the Mormons??" Everybody in the mission replys, "Yes!" Then he just said well let's watch it right now! So we finally got to see it which was sweet.

Don't worry about us on Thanksgiving we will be well taken care of. We have 2 meal appointments so we're chill! I'm so grateful for this gospel. I'm so thankful for this Church. I know that it is the Church of Jesus Christ. I can't believe how blessed I am to have the restored gospel in my life. I'm so grateful to be here sharing it with others. I'm so grateful for all of you!! I have the greatest family ever! I'm so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. Truly, without him one of those blessings would be available. I know that He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and that through him we can accomplish all things! Love you all!
Elder Nielsen

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