Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 7-8-14

This is a nice park we found in our area.
First off I want to say Kyle I'm sorry for not writing you but I don't have a whole lot of time, but just know I love you! :) Alright real quick with the business. No Mom, you don't need to send me anything! I'm doing really good!:) I still have not found the other memory card for my camera, but I will keep looking. The one I have still has a ton memory left though so I think I will hold off on sending it for a little bit. Good news I sent the pants home today! I also sent home the brown ones because our president told us we still can't wear them so I guess I'll just save them for after. I didn't even hear that there was a hurricane on the east coast! But yeah it's been about the same just rains everyday really hard for a little bit.

I want to thank you all so much for your prayers this week. I truly felt uplifted during times of trial this week, and we truly were blessed with so many miracles! Yes Mom, you were right. In my last letter I was a little bit frustrated but things are definitely looking up here in Miami Lakes. Oh, and in other news transfer were this week, but me and Elder White are both staying here in Miami Lakes so no changes. But like I said we were super blessed this week in finding this week! One of the huge miracles we saw this week came on Saturday.  We were out with a member who's a recently returned missionary and all our appointments fell through. So we went and knocked a door, and the first door we knocked a Cuban couple opened up. We prayed with them and talked to them, and they accepted everything. They came to church the very next day, and the Dad named Marcos tapped my leg during the sacrament then pointed to his eyes, and he was crying! It was the greatest thing ever! They're super receptive to the spirit and hopefully if we are able to teach them everything they will be baptized this sunday! so legit!

This week was super awesome because we were able to improve in every key indicator category. So basically we worked our tails off, but we were also able to have a super fun time! On of the crazy things that happened this week was on 4th of July. We had to be in our homes at 7:30! So early! So we got permission from President to sleep over at the Zone leaders house in Miami Gardens. Let me tell you something. The people in Miami Gardens are poor, cause they basically live in shacks, but man they buy some good fireworks! I don't know if they just saved all their food stamps from the year or what but there were literally stadium of fire status fireworks getting launched off at the neighbors house! It was insane! We went out on the roof and watched fireworks going off from all directions until it was time to go to bed. It was a real fun time!

I love it here and Florida and specifically here in Miami! There are so many amazing people here. I am learning to love the latin culture. I just love speaking Spanish! It seriously is the best, I feel like if I were to try and teach someone the gospel in English I would be completely lost because all I know is Spanish! Anyway sorry this was a super long email but my fingers have been flying today! I hope you all have a great week and just keep studying and strengthening your testimonies! I love this church and I love this gospel, and know it changes lives because it has changed mine forever!
Elder Nielsen

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