Monday, July 28, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 7-28-14

Wow you guys had a lot going on this week!! I was happy as always to hear about all your super fun experiences, and as well that you finally got a car!! I don't know if I like glamorous gaby or Classy Clariss more but they are both super clever names! Sorry little sistahs that I didn't have time today to reply individually but I'll write a little something real quick to each of you! Kenzo! Happy birthday last week little girl! Did you get my letter?? I mailed a birthday letter to you so hopefully it got there! Did you get scared at all as you walked through the shark tunnel at the aquarium?? Maddie! It sounded like you loved the family reunion! ;) keep learning how to talk to new people! I get to do it everyday and it's the best! I love it! You still have 3 weeks of summer before you start Jr. High so live it up!! Because soon your life is just going to be pure homework!;) haha just kidding Jr. High is awesome! Kyle! I loved hearing your gnarly experience of the natural waterslide! That place is da best! Keep going hard in the paint in tennis I can't wait to hear about when you win state in a couple months! whoop whoop! Don't get cocky though cause I will still kick your trash when I get home! Alright I think that's about it but I love you sistahs!

This week was an interesting week! First off dad I'll answer your question and say I didn't write about that Cuban couple because they were on a cruise all last week. Then they are moving to Miami beach tomorrow so we have all their info and the missionaries over there will have to help them get married. This week we didn't teach a whole lot of lessons, but the lessons that we did teach were super awesome! We're really trying to focus on the elect people  in our area and we definitely found some this week! It was blazing hot this week. Good night! But luckily for us we had a car for most of the week!! Yeah, it was crazy nice. One of the elders in district had knee surgery this week, and so they couldn't work at all so we had their car! A/C is da best! As always I'll share a quick miracle from this week.

On Tuesday, we had planned to harvest in a gated community. We have been looking for new places to knock and felt like we should just try and walk into this gated complex. So we did, and we started knocking. We knocked a whole building and found no one, so we went to the next one. Then the first door we knock on this man from Honduras opens up. We introduce ourselves and right away he lets us in. We start talking to him, and he tells us how he has a daughter in Honduras who is "Mormon", and that he had met with missionaries before in Honduras. He then tells us that he wanted to get baptized but he had to move a week before his baptism! As you can imagine my companion and I were both just grinning from ear to ear as he was telling us that! :)  Anyway long story short, we taught him this week and he came to church on sunday as well! Right before he left church, we showed him the baptismal font, and invited him for next weekend. He accepted! Now we will be working with him all this week to give up smoking and drinking so that he can be baptized! And I forgot to mention as well that literally not more than 5 minutes after we had finished teaching him, we got kicked out of that complex. So truly the Lord did guide us to him.

This week went by very quickly but it was a great week to be a missionary! We had interviews with President Richardson this week and he is a lot different than President Anderson but he is still so awesome! He is a super cool guy and it was great talking with him. I love missionary work, and I know that I was called here to serve in South Florida by God! I love this Church and I know that it is true! Keep up the good work back home, and everybody learn something new this week from the scriptures! Les quiero muchisimo!
Elder Nielsen

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