Monday, July 21, 2014

Miami Lakes South Area 7-21-14

With one our favorite Cuban members
Whoop whoop! Thank you all as always for your super awesome emails! I sounded like you survived your first week as young womens president mom! I liked what you said about just taking it one step at a time cause that's what I've had to do on the mission for sure! Thank you so much as well for looking for a new bag for me! I'm excited to get the new one in the mail so I will let you when I get it. I was glad to hear you guys finally found a car! I definitely want to see some pics next week por favor. Oh and another random thing, yes our mission will be getting ipads. Our president said we will have them before the end of the year. So weird but I'm super pumped!

Our week here in Miami Lakes South was super fun as well! Like I said last week we were able to set some super cool people with dates last week, but then this week they all literally just dropped off the face of the earth. We tried calling them, going by at different times, leaving notes on their doors, and nada. Oh well no worries we just went out and found some other super sweet people this week! We had this super cool lady named Marta come to church yesterday. She had met with missionaries before, and she was super excited when we just randomly came and knocked on her door. Sadly, she did not have a great experience at church. Latin people sometimes can be a little bit irreverent, and for some reason this week it was super bad. She straight up told us after that she was really frustrated because people kept talking and stuff, so hopefully we can help her still strengthen her testimony of the Restoration and help her see that this still is the Church of Jesus Christ even though the people may not be perfect. We also have plans with our ward mission leader about how we're going to help teach the ward about reverence, and get things better here!

I want to share a cool miracle that we saw this week as usual. It happened last night. We were a little frustrated from all of the day's events, and we were not able to set as many dates as we would have liked, so right at the end of the night we decided to go harvest the last 4 doors of this huge apartment complex that we have been working for the past 2 weeks. So we go knock the doors, nobody opens up. We look at our watches realize it's time to go, and we start heading back to our bikes. Then as were unlocking them we see a lady carrying some groceries, so we go and ask her if we can help and she gladly accepts. Long story short we start talking to her, and right away we could tell she was elect. She had been going through so much lately, and she has been looking for help from anywhere. After the prayer she accepted everything and said she would like to baptized with her 8 year old son as well! We are going to see her again tonight, and were super pumped cause she was way cool. It was just crazy to see as well, how after we had put in all this effort of knocking so many doors in this complex right before we were about to leave, and probably never come back, boom, the Lord puts somebody prepared in our path!

I know this is the Church of Jesus of Christ! I love the mission! It certainly hasn't been easy, but salvation has never been a cheap experience so it will never be easy! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! Thank you so much for all your prayers! Les quiero mucho!
Elder Nielsen

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