Monday, April 7, 2014

Fountainebleau (Miami) area 4-7-14

You guys are the best! For real I get pumped just from reading all your hilarious, crazy experiences! Alright momma here you go, all the answers to your questions. Yes I remember Jacob Ahmu and that's comedy gold j beck is training him! My stuff is doing fine. My shirts are fine they just wrinkle real easy but I don't care. I may have ripped a hole in one of my pants, but no worries I got a patch and fixed it. Sadly we don't get to do crud at the open house. The sisters work there 2 a week, so basically it's our job just to get people there. We were supposed to go this last week but the investigator and members we had planned bailed. We're going this week for sure though. Maybe twice. Pumped about that I want to see it so bad. I don't need anything else, and have yet to buy a rain jacket. Our past 4 P-days we have just balled super hard. Our zone leaders always come down, and we just ball all day. I wanna go to the glades but it's impossible to find any members that can take us because they're always working during the day. Alright I believe that is everything!

Now pops first off let me say I am digging your emails. Sorry I never have time to reply personally to them but you're the man! Glad to hear that you didn't have to go solo to priesthood though! Little sissys, don't have to much fun in Goblin Valley without me! I was pumped to hear about everybody getting their calls! It's sounds like a lot of excitement! Get the people going about missionary work!

I don't even know where to start about this week. . . Conference was super stellar though! We watched all the sessions at our chapel here. Yes mom I know it's hard to believe but I was able to sit through 10 hours of conference! haha, maybe I had to go take a break in the kitchen during halftime hymns and pound some grub but other than that I was fine! Learned a flipping ton! Sorry I don't really feel like going into super details about what I learned but it was legendary.

"T"told me to tell you guys not to worry about me here because she's our Madre. She literally calls us her hijos. haha cuban abuelitas man so funny! She cooked for us twice this week as well! All our recent converts came to conference except "A". He's super busy cause basically all his family is here from cuba cause his mom isn't supposed to last too much longer. . . Other than that we were also able to get some investigators to conference as well! our investigator named "A" came. She's an older lady from Nicaragua. Actually that lady who we dumped out her beer! She has the desire to be baptized but just has never been able to come to church. This week we had dropped her, and didn't visit her once. But then in between sessions of conference on saturday we were close to her house so we decided we would go stop by and invite her to come to the next session. We explained to here everything about it, and how we would be hearing from a Prophet of the Lord. She then says to us, "When does it start?" We tell her, "In 15 minutes. Will you come with us?" She says Yes! Just let me go change! She goes and changes and was able to come with the member we were with! She loved conference and were hoping to baptize her next sunday!

I learned this week about how your mission can have some of your most joyful moments as well as some of your most disappointing. In other words agency sucks sometimes. After coming off a huge high from 2 baptisms we were pumped to get back on the streets and keep finding and teaching! We had some really cool people that we had already been teaching that dropped us during the week though. I literally had a guy say to my face this week, "I don't want salvation." It was really sad because we thought he was legit. People have their agency though, it makes me sad when people make decisions like that but at the same time I've realized that there is literally nothing I can do about it.

Anyways sorry I feel like this email is forever long, and my fingers hurt, but on a more joyful note I just want to say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real! We are blessed to live in a time with living prophets and apostles! We have the fulness of the gospel in our lives, and The Church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth today! It doesn't get any better than that! I love you all and am so grateful to have such an amazing familia! You guys are the best!
Elder Nielsen
We may have celebrated "B" birthday with a little Blue bell!:)

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