Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last letter from Fountainebleau area 4-15-14

The new Ft. Lauderdale Temple
Man, you guys sound like you had a stellar week! I loved hearing all the stories about the rat, and the hikes, and just the overall vacation! haha I was dying, while I was reading that story of the rat just chomping through maddies sleeping bag! Dad, I'm not gonna lie it sounds like you're going pretty hard in the paint! 22 miles?? What!? haha I'm not gonna lie the mish is taking a toll on me staying in shape. We just get fed so much grub here! It was good to hear as well that Marla, and Tammy had their babies! You guys are definitely gonna have to go out there! Send me some pics por favor? Gracias!

Well, yes mother you were right transfers are this week that's why I'm emailing today instead of monday. Transfer calls came last night, and the news is. . . . . . . . . .. . Elder Nielsen . . . . . . . . Transferring. Elder Ward. . . . . . Staying. WHAT!!?? haha I thought I was staying for sure, but nope the Lord has something else in mind! I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty sad. Fountainebleau seriously feels like home here. I know almost the whole ward, I've got the area down like the back of my hand, we've got the coolest recent converts, and then Boom. Just like that, I'm gone. It sucks! I'm pumped to get a new companion and a new area but at the same time just thinking about it, it's like worse than leaving home because I really don't know if I'll ever see some of these people again! So yes mom, don't send a package yet, because I will not be here. You can send it to the mission office though. It usually doesn't take that long for them to get it to our apartment.

Other than transfer calls our week here was really good! Highlight of the week though was definitely going to the temple open house!! Whoop whoop we went twice baby! The temple is straight unreal. Holy cow it really is the biggest blessing ever for our mission right now. Then I just found out as well that we have a mission conference this saturday with Elder Quentin L. Cook. It's gonna be unreal, a straight apostle in our mission! Hopefully he's coming to tell us that Cuba is opening up. . . Opening up the area of Havana. . . . Elder Nielsen, and Elder . . . . Ahh I would weep like a small child if that happened!

Sorry anyway back to the temple, we got to go with 2 amazing families from our ward, and some non-members that they knew. It was an amazing experience just to be there and even though it's not dedicated yet to still be able to feel of the incredibly strong spirit that was there! There have been so many miracles in our mission just from the temple. In our tour group, literally every person except the families that we came with were non members. Just people that showed up and decided to go! Super legit! Hopefully I will be able to go again this week, but I don't know with being in a new area and all.

Well as always I love you and miss you as well! I gotta say bye to all my peeps tonight, so hopefully my eyes don't get too sweaty! Keep up the good work, and I know this church is true!
Elder Nielsen

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