Monday, March 24, 2014

Fountainebleau(Miami) area 3-24-14

Whats up whats up!? I was pumped to read all your letters as usual! Haha I can not stop laughing thinking about that stinky waffle story! Man I was dying! It was awesome to hear about the soccer games! Maddie and Kenz that's what I'm talking about! Scoring goals fer days! I was pumped to hear about Mitchell's farewell as well! It's so awesome to think that all 11 of us are on missions and it makes me happy, happy, happy! ;)

Man, I do not know where to start for this week. First off let me say it feels like yesterday that I last wrote! good night the days are flying by! I feel like we worked hard again this week and it's always good to be able to look back on the week and feel good about what weve done! We also had some hilarious experiences this week!

So first funny experience was with our abuelita Terre. We went to go visit her and teach her more about the sacrament and make sure she's still doing alright cause it's literally only been 3 weeks since she was baptized. So we show up and she opens up the door and just goes, I need you guys to meet someone. So we just start following her over to her neighbors house, and you can just tell she's on a mission! She walks up and knocks this door and goes here they are! and just points at us! we're both just like what is going on. . . Turns out the lady her name is Evey. And she's straight legit! We had an awesome member present lesson right there with Terre and it was awesome! Afterwards me and Elder Ward were just laughing so hard because Terre is just this sweet little old lady and in the lesson she literally said, "If you want to change your life you have to listen to this boys!" She's straight bold! I don't want to go in to all the details but Evey has had a rough life, and were looking forward to helping her change her life around!

Second funny experience was on thursday, were biking down the road and this guys is standing out of his car trying to push it through the intersection while trying to steer. And this is a really busy road. 6 lane road! So obviously we ditch our bikes and go start helping this guys push his car! We start pushing and he just says I don't leave to much further. So me and Elder Ward just put our heads down and kick it in to gear! He was straight lying though. He lived so far away! I was another 3 blocks down so here we are in the heat of the day just pushing this car in the middle of traffic and it took upwards of 15 20 mins to get to his house! hahaha I was straight sweating bullets! Then we sprint back and grab our bikes and come back to his house. The guys was way chill and he kept asking if he could repay us, and all we said was come to church! haha kinda bad I know, but he said he would for sure! He didn't show up though so were gonna go stop by tonight and see what's up.

Alright real quick last story,  we helped a drunk guy who passed out in the middle of an intersection. We didn't know he was drunk we just saw him with his wife crossing the intersection and then he passed out. We carried him over to some benches while his wife is crying. She's freaking out so my comp checks his pulse and he's got a heartbeat so he's still fine. She starts calling 911 while we try to wake him up. We're shaking him then he lets out a little belch and then just straight vodka stench comes out his mouth! That's when we realized he was drunk out of his mind. Nonetheless we got all his info and his wife wants us to come help him find Jesus is what she said! So were going over this week for sure!

I love you all so much and thank you as always for writing me! I feel so blessed to be here and am so grateful for all of your prayers! Momma I did get your letter as well! Thank you so much it was incredible! :) Keep up the good work everyone and never forget that you all have a loving Heavenly Father who knows you and wants to hear from you. So keep praying! Love ya and miss ya!
Elder Nielsen

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