Monday, March 10, 2014

Fountainebleau (miami) area 3-10-2014

Whoop whoop another week has flown by in the mission! Holy cow this week disappeared! We had a good week as always here in Fountainebleau! I'm not gonna say it was easy but it's been good. I don't really know where to start though. . . This week Teresa our abuelita made us some increible Ropa Vieja! It's a cuban meat that was straight delicioso! But then for desert we had this papaya jello stuff with some weird type of cheese. I have no idea what it was but boy was it tough to put down! Haha we were eating outside and so I asked her for a drink of water and as soon as she goes inside me and Elder Ward just start chucking this stuff off into the grass! Then we share a short message with her and out of nowhere like 20 ducks just show up and are hunting through the grass for the stuff we just threw! She said, "That's weird I wonder what they're looking for?", We just say, "Yeah, we have no idea. . .", afterwards we were dying!

This week was a little frustrating because it felt like we were in a straight fist fight with Satan! So I've told you about Angel before I believe. 60 something year old retired guy who lives alone and now he's passed his interview and just needs to get into the water! So originally he was going to go down on Friday. Thursday night he calls us at like 1. We can't answer but we call him the next morning and he explains to us this super long story about how his like 100 year old mom almost died the night before so he had to stay all day in the hospital with her. We ended up seeing him though late that friday night at like 830 right before we have to be home, and he says he can be baptized on Saturday at like 3. We plan it all get it all set up, then we get another call from him telling us that he just got back from the doctor and he got surgery on some ingrown toenail that he had and so now he can't get it wet! This was like an hour before the baptism as well! We're just like what in the world is happening! So now he's got a cut up foot, his mom's on her death bed and he still wants to be baptized this week before his interview expires on sunday! Don't worry though he will this week I'm sure of it! Haha another funny story real quick about him, he's puro cubano so his english is terrible and he cannot say Elder Nielsen for the life of him, so now he just calls me Rubio, which in spanish means blonde!

I also got to go on exchanges this week with the zone leaders, which was way fun. Not a whole lot happened on exchanges though, pretty much we just knocked doors all night because all our appointments fell through but no worries! Well familia I love you all so much, and I miss you as well! This week was a lucha for sure but next week is looking up! I know this church is true! The more I study the gospel the more it makes perfect sense to me and the more my faith and testimony grows! I know the book of mormon is true! It's amazing because anyone who wants to know if it's true can know for themselves! Keep up the good work!

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