Monday, February 24, 2014

Fountainebleau (Miami) area 2-24-2014

As always so good to hear from you! This upcoming week sounds like it could be a little nutty with Mom and Dad heading off to Hawaii and my sissys are gonna be all home alone! I'm sure everybody will be chill though. First off momma no se preocupe sobre mi package. Lo recibi este semana con todos mi chiquitos Libros de Mormon, y el aceite tambien! Fue perfecto muchisimas gracias! Lo siento oir que la familia estuvo un poquito enfermo este semana pero se que pueden recuperarse. sorry I just love spanish so much I wanted to write a little!

Our week here in Fountainbleau was amazing. It seriously is the promised land here. I'm not gonna lie it really does feel like home here. I know almost all of the ward members and it seriously does just feel like our ward at home. We supposedly have the best functioning ward in the whole mission so it's amazing to be here! We had a lot of good powerful lessons this week, as well as we found some really solid people! One of the cool lessons we had was with this guy Victor. I'm pretty sure I already told you about him but his family is all members and he supposedly was baptized when he was 10 in ecuador but we think he's just full of it. But we met with him and just started talking with him, we reallized we didn't know a lot about him and what he already knew (because he comes to church every week) so we start talking to him, and he's really starting to open up and tell us how he really feels then his wife just jumps in out of nowhere and starts throwing down on him in super crazy fast spanish about how he needs to make covenants with God, and how much they'll be blessed if he gets the priesthood, and is basically just ragging on him. We're just sitting there like what just happened we only understood about half of what she just said but it was pretty brutal. He just sits there then fires right back at her! It was insane, but luckily Elder Ward jumped in real quick and we were able to handle it. But one of the things that he said was that he doesn't know for himself that it's true. We jump in right away and start talking about how we can receive revelation. Then we ask him if he has ever sincerely prayed and asked God if the church is true. Of course he said no, because if he had he would be baptized no problem! Sorry kind of a long story but end of it all comes down to he committed to pray, and truly ask and it actually turned out to be really spiritual because we were all just bearing pure testimony about how we received our answers and how he can receive his. He came to church on sunday and it was pretty chaotic but I asked him how his prayer went as he was walking out and he just said, "muy muy bueno" then I asked him, "entonces, podemos pasar este semana para hablar mas sobre su oracion" and he just said, "por seguro!" whoop whoop! I was pumped! So hopefully that means he's received his answer!

We're working with a lot of cool people right now which is really exciting! A, this like 50 year old guy who just loves us made it to church this sunday after bailing the last 2 weeks, as well as our sweet little grandma investigator Terre! They both have dates for this sunday so hopefully they will be baptized! As well as Mark, our homie middle aged dad who is legitamitely searching for the truth! It's awesome here I'm just nervous about transfers! They're next week and I really don't want to leave but I very well could. Hopefully we will be able to get someone in the water this weekend though before one of us leaves!

Familia you guys seriously are the bomb. I love you all so much, and truly know with all my heart that this is Christ's church here on the earth today. I studied a lot about the apostasy this week and our homie member paul got us this amazing MTC talk all about the apostasy. Studying that really strengthened my testimony that Christ's original church was lost, and that it truly did take until 1820 for the world to be prepared to receive it! How lucky we all are to have been born in this dispensation with the knowledge that we know have of Christ's Gospel! Keep up the good work, and enjoy Maui! Sissies, be safe ok!? love ya!
Elder Nielsen

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