Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fountainebleau (Miami) area 2-3-14

Que pasa chicos? Me encanta oir que todo esta bien con ustedes! Y que todavia estan trabajando duros, y viviendo la vida! El super bowl fue tan aburrido! Mire un poquito ayer cuando estuvimos tocando puertas, y fue como 21 a 0 o algo como asi.

Sorry I gotta practice writing in spanish! But it really is always so good to hear from you! Last night it was so crazy when we're knocking doors the game was on I could not focus on what the guy was saying to us! haha so bad! But this week for us as missionaries was a real good week!

It started out with transfers on Wednesday, that's why I wrote on tuesday again, but me and trainer all still together here in Fountainebleau! Then Wednesday we had probably the longest day of my mish!  it was pretty rainy when we went out so we got pretty straight soaked.(Still don't have a raincoat, so I think i'm gonna go get one today) Then on top of that it felt like literally every single of our appointments and backups fell through. People who promised us to be there weren't there and we were just feeling a little bit frustrated, and we were tired, wet, and cold. Needless to say we weren't the most upbeat and happy we've ever been on the mission. So to finish off the night we were harvesting some apartments that we had picked out, and we're having no success. So we both tried to think of just one more person we could go visit, and both our minds went to this guy who we had harvested a few days before and he lived really close. He wasn't there when we had a return appointment set up, so we figured we should at least try and stop by again. We stop by knock his door, and his wife answers. Right away she just lights up when we tell who we are, and that we had talked to her husband. Then her husband comes out and they were both so kind, awesome, and friendly! Me and Elder Ward just couldn't stop smiling while we were talking to them because all day we were just getting shut down and then now we're talking to this awesome family who's straight from Cuba who are so excited to learn more as well as come to church! So legit!

I also have a confession to make. . . I want to go to Cuba. Like so bad. Cuban people are so boss! Our area is mostly nicaraguans and some cubans, but like every Cuban i've met so far is just so prepared to receive the gospel. It's UNREAL! I pray that while i'm on my mish here cuba opens up and then I get sent there! Because if it were to open up our mission would be the one sent there. I even had a dream that I got sent to Cuba!

This Sunday was pretty nutty as well. Our golden investigator Dayan (also Cuban) was supposed to go down on Sunday for sure. We taught him everything he committed to live the law of chastity, he was so pumped to be baptized. then he has his interview, and when him and our DL come out they both just look sad. Sadly, he has kind of had a sketchy past, so he wasn't able to be baptized this sunday. He has to get interviewed by Pres. Anderson now before he can be baptized. I was so bummed! He was too, but he can still be baptized!! It's just gonna take a little more work but we have faith it will all work out!

This week it also hit me so hard how blessed I have been in my life. We know a lot of people who have like nothing and our struggling so much in their lives. I couldn't stop thinking just how lucky I am to have been born in the gospel as well as into a functioning family. One of the recent converts in our ward, his name is R. and the elders just before us baptized him. Such a cool guy (also cuban) but he's homeless. He has literally lost everything, and we brought him a pizza this week that a member gave us and he was just the happiest guy! He also came to church this sunday as well. It's hilarious he loves it so much that he comes to our ward for 3 hours then goes to the English ward after! He stays at church for 5 hours cause he loves it so much! I'll be sure to get a picture with him this week because he's got some crazy cool tats.

Familia I love you all so much! You all are so amazing! This week I've also learned so much how every member can truly be a missionary! It helps us out as the missionaries so much when members are willing to help! We can knock doors all day, but it's much easier for a member to come and say, "Hey I know someone who lives in that complex that really needs the gospel!" Boom! Perfect, time saved as well as a soul! I encourage you all even though you live in happy valley Utah to try and find ways to share the gospel. If we really try I guarantee you will be surprised to see how many missionary opportunities there are every day! I know this Church is true and that the Atonement is real! It truly changes lives because it has changed mine as well as countless others! I love you all keep doing work!

Elder Nielsen

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