Monday, February 10, 2014

Fountainebleau (Miami) Area 2-10-2014

Well I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty disappointed! Pops was the only one who wrote me! What the heck is going on!? I'm just kidding, you guys are super busy I'm sure, and you're probably already sick of me telling you all the same things every week. No worries no worries.

This week was a great week for our area. We finally flippin' baptized! About time! Whooop whoop! It was so legit! Alicia this 12 year old girl who we've been working with since day 1 who is in a part member family finally went down! It was crazy because we were waiting for her brother from the marines to get home so he could baptize her. then he finally got here, so we're like sweet she's gonna be baptized! then we start talking to her and she was just being a bum about how she didn't want to be baptized, and a bunch of lame excuses. Then me and Elder Ward just started spitting out some mad scriptures, and telling her to stop being a bum. she knew she needed to be baptized she just likes to be difficult like some other 12 year old I know. cough cough Maddie! haha I'm just kidding maddie I love you. But yes Alicia was being dificult but we just asked her to say the closing prayer and ask God if she needed to be baptized on sunday. She said it and it was awesome and we all were just feeling the spirit hard core. She ends the prayer and me Elder Ward, and her older brother who is a member all just look at her and she just kinda looks down, and then says, "alright, i'll do it." Me and Elder Ward just exploded and it was a legendary experience! haha we were so happy! Her baptism was great and we had so much member support it was incredible. so much food afterwards! Another cool thing about her baptism was that her Dad, is the only one in their member who hasn't been baptized. And everytime we've seen him he kinda just seems really uninterested, and kinda ticked at us. But after A's baptism he was really softened. Right after she was baptized he started clapping like super loud cause he was excited for her! Haha it was hilarious he just started clapping and then his wife just back hand slapped him to get him to stop! He was just happy for her which was great! then after we eat and are about to leave he comes up to us and asks if we could stop by on tuesday night! Now keep in mind this is the first time hes actually said anything to us other than when we've tried to talk to him. so he asked if we would come by and say a prayer with him because he has a test on wednesday that he says he needs help on! Whoop whooop! He's so softened and he's gonna be baptized for sure too! I love part member families!

Sorry i don't have very much time today and I wish I could tell you about all of the other hilarious things that happened this week! Mainly just watching Dayan propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a lesson! haha comedy gold! First proposal all I've ever seen in person, and it was legendary! So they're getting married so he can live the law of chastity and finally be baptized! I love you all so much, and miss seeing all your beautiful faces but there truly is no where else I would rather be! Keep studying and praying and increasing your own personal conversion! Love ya!
Elder Nielsen

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