Monday, January 26, 2015

Hollywood Area 1-26-2015

Elder Nielsen and Elder Brimley playing some P-day dodgeball
Yo, what's up everybody!?! I'm glad to hear Dad is recovering well, and that everyone is doing well! I'm sorry again little sisters, that I didn't have time to reply personally to all your emails. I just spend so much time writing President about all our missionaries! So you just need to write all the missionaries in our zone and tell them to be better so that I don't spend so much time writing about them! ;) I was glad to hear as well that you got my SD card, and that it didn't get destroyed in the mail. I look forward to when I can tell you all the stories about the pics! :) don't worry though I'm not trunky!!

This week was another great week! They seem to be flying by way too fast which I hate!! As I'm sure you know my companion E. Brimley is "dying". (mission lingo for going home). So this upcoming week is his last week in the mission!! It's so weird! He's not trunky at all though so that's good. I'm so grateful to be his companion and I'm sad that our time is almost over, because he has seriously been one of my favorite companions! :,) We've gone so hard, so I'm sure not much is going to change this next week!

Sadly, Alissa didn't get baptized this weekend. We don't know what her freaking deal is. Whenever we meet with her she's so awesome, and she always almost cries cause she feels the spirit so strong but then it's like she just disappears! We're going to dunk her before E. Brimley goes home though for sure! We also had an awesome family in church on Sunday. It's a mom named Shorna, and her 15 year old son Dashean. We found them in the apartments that we've been working lately. Let me describe this place to you. There's about 20 or so buildings, and they kind of make up like a giant circle. The buildings are 5 stories high, and they have 10 doors on each floor. Every apartment is the exact same, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Around the complexes there are just kids running around everywhere unsupervised, and they always come up and ask us for candy. Haha basically it's just filled with humble people. I love it!! haha it's not the "safest" place ever but the people there are awesome, and we get to talk to so many people since they live so close.

Well, I'm really sorry I stunk at managing time again, and I have literally no time left, but just know that I love you all, and I'm so grateful to be here on my mish!! The church is true! Have an amazing week!
Elder Nielsen


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