Monday, January 12, 2015

Hollywood Area 1-12-15 Happy 20th Birthday!


What up what up!!?? Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, and the packages!! You all are the best!! Haha I loved the pictures of me as a baby that you sent!! haha I don't know why we have so many pictures of me in the nude as a child, but whatevs! It sounded like you had a pretty crazy week back home with a bunch of different activites and parties and stuff! Good to hear that you're staying busy. I'm gonna have to apologize in advance. I used my time poorly again, and I took FOREVER to email pres this week because of a bunch of stuff that's going on in the mission, and in our zone. But it's chill.

This week was super crazy for us as well! I don't think I've ever been to more meetings in my life than this past week! Elder W. Craig Zwick from the Seventy was here in our mission this week so we had all kinds of meetings with him. It started out on Wednesday morning we had a Mission Leadership Council with him, that went for like 4 hours. Then that same night him and his wife gave a training to all of the Ward Councils that was like 2 hours long. Then on Friday again we had a specialized training with him and the whole mission. It was pretty crazy! It was like 5 hours long as well. So my mind has basically been exploding this week from all the revelation and intense spiritual experiences I've been having. If there's one thing I learned this week it's that General Authorities and their wives GO SO HARD!! Haha they are straight work horses!

In between all of the meetings and other stuff that was going on we were able to have a super productive week. We're teaching some awesome people right now and it's great to see the Lord compensating for our righteous efforts. We're teaching this awesome dominican lady named Hilda. She was the only one who came to church on sunday, but she straight loved it. After church we were talking about her baptism, and she was saying stuff like, "Yeah, I would love to do that!" "Can I do that as soon as possible?" Basically just super elect stuff that makes missionaries hearts leap with excitement! haha.

This week we have to give a zone training on the training we received in MLC, and like I said before our zone has 13 companionships. So I'm a little nervous just because I don't think I've "trained"/ taught something to that many people before, but I'm sure it's gonna be great. Please just keep praying for me! haha I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. My testimony has been so strengthened about the power of prayer. I have received so many answers to prayers so I know that it's real! Thanks again for everything that you do, and have done for me! I'm sorry if sometimes I'm a stinky son to have on a mission because I never write letters, or never send anything home, or never send good emails. BUT you can find joy in knowing that your son LOVES his mission, and is trying to be as focused as possible! I love you all!

Elder Nielsen

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