Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hollywood Area 1-20-2015


I'm glad that you all weren't freaking out that it's tuesday and you recognized MLK day was yesterday. Sounds like everyone had another great week enjoying the snow!! And what the heck happened to Dad??!! I didn't hear anything about him getting surgery last week, but I'm happy to hear everything worked out. I guess that's what happens when you get old! ;)

This week flew by again!! It's weird the days and weeks seem to go so fast, but then looking back you feel like you did so much work, and then it makes you tired just thinking about everything you did. So i just try not to think back and just focus on the now and working as hard as I can! This week there was a huge change in our mission. On Wednesday we had a mission wide conference call, and President announced that the Ft. Myers zone, from the Tampa mission is now in our mission!! So crazy! So our mission just got 30 more missionaries. It will be interesting to see exactly what happens with transfers coming up, if President will leave them over there or if he's going to bring them all over to the "east side" as we now call it. But yeah it was pretty big shocker!

As I mentioned last week we had a Zone training this week. Basically what it is, is all our zone meets at a chapel, and E. Brimley and I give a training about everything that our zone needs to improve on. It went awesome! Our zone is already doing a lot better, and people are being much more obedient and working harder. That was our main focus. Work, work, work. There's a quote by Spencer W. Kimball that basically says, if a missionary works he will have the spirit, and be happy. So it's great to see our zone just going hard!

We saw a lot of miracles this past week in our own area as well. Hollywood is such a good area! haha I literally never want to leave here! Hilda was so packed with work this week that we literally didn't get to see her once. It's crazy how Satan does that, it's like someone has a super spiritual experience and then he does everything he can so that we don't meet with them! But we've still talked with her a lot over the phone, and we have set appointments for this week so she's doing good.

We saw a super huge miracle on Saturday as well. We were meeting with a recent convert named Neville, who is like the most solid recent convert I've ever met. We were teaching his daughter because he really wants to baptize her, but we lost contact. So on saturday we're just sitting there talking, and she walks through the front door. Our immediate thought, "YES!! Let's teach her and get her to come to church tomorrow!" so, that's we did! She came on sunday, loved it, and then we taught her all the commandments yesterday and she is living them, and she's preparing to be baptized this sunday! So solid!

This week I got to do 2 baptismal interviews as well. Honestly, that's one of my favorite parts of missionary work. It's amazing because you basically just get these people to share their testimonies with you, and they are always so powerful! One thing that I have learned on my mission is that the most powerful testimonies are the simplest. We don't have to give some long elaborate speech. The spirit can be invocked in just a 2 senctence sincere, and powerful testimony. I'm so grateful for all that you guys do, and have done for me! I hope you got my sd card with all the pics, because I sent it last week. I'm so grateful to be here where I literally have no worldly worries! It's the best! Have an amazing week! Love you!
Elder Nielsen

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