Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 4 in the Mexico MTC


Thank you for all of the sweet emails! I totally forgot that Trey is supposed to be coming down here soon! I will keep an eye out for him! Thanks for the Byu basketball updates! Ok christmas stuff. haha yes! I definetly need you to send me some stuff. Haha first off you know those pants that we got from Joseph A Bank that said dry clean, but they were like the same material as my other ones so you said to just wash them. Haha yeah ruined. So If you could send me some brown pants that would be great! Haha also I have no idea why im such an idiot and didnt pack a sweatshirt or anything but if you want to send me one of those or I could just buy one there. Also like a sweater that I could wear with just a white shirt would be nice too sometimes it gets fairly cold here. But make sure its long sleeved! And ties! Oh I love ties and wish I would have brought more! I think thats about it. Then if you just want to throw whatever else you think would be helpful in there that would be sweet!

Anyways this week has been way good! haha its hard to remember all of the great experiences Ive had and type them all in one! But its been a great week because Ive studying exactly what you just said Momma! In moroni when hes talking about charity! Everyday Ive been picking one of the attributes it lists, and working on it throughout the day. It has helped me so much!

Probably the biggest thing that me and Elder Beus have accomplished this week is that weve really been trying to learn how to teach by the spirit and teach people not lessons. Weve been praying so hard for the spirit, and weve studying a lot the chapter in preach my gospel that talks all about understanding the spirit. And its paying off! Woohoo! Haha yesterday it was awesome we were teaching our morning investigator her name is Betty, but shes actually our teacher just pretending, and shes 50 years old and has cancer. Anyways we were praying really hard to be able to understand better her needs, because she hasnt really told us much other than she has cancer and its hard for her. So our lesson plan was to just go in and talk to her about the plan of salvation. So we start talking to her and really trying to ask inspired questions, and we both knew right away that we shouldnt teach  about the plan of salvation but that we needed to help strengthen her testimony of the book of mormon to help her receive personal revelation that its true. So awesome! We shared a bunch of scriptures and it was easily the best lesson weve ever had, and we were both were just dominating the spanish! haha we were so pumped because we got her to commit to baptism at the end, as well as read a specific chapter from the Book of Mormon and commited her to come to church with us on sunday. It felt so real even though it was just our teacher pretending to be a real investigator she had in her misssion! I cant wait to actually get to the field and start teaching real people and trying to help them receive this gospel!

This week weve also had some responsibilities as zone leaders. A lot of people in our zone, specifically in our district though, are not using their time wisely. And thats really frustrating for me and Elder Beus because they dont seem to understand that its not our time, but the Lords time. Even our teachers have noticed and they both came up to us and said their doing all they can to get people motivated to study and work harder, but they said its our turn to do something. haha so we decided to sit everyone down and just yell at them and tell them to be better. Haha just kidding not at all what we did! Even though we may have thought about it. ;) but so what we decided to do is we came up with a bunch of goals to help improve our time management with everyone in the zone, and we got all the district leaders together and told them what they need to tell their districts about the goals, and that they really need to get people to implement them! Weve butted heads a little bit with some people but I think weve got our point across that were not perfect examples but that we just want them and us as well to work harder because God is always happy, but never satisfied!

Dont worry momma my shirts are still white and I know how to do my laundry! Me and Elder beus both leave the same day. Im ticked though cause that package hasnt come yet! Haha im getting so impatient! Anyways I just want to say that I know that this gospel is true and that it changes lives! Its changed mine and now all I want is to help at least one person feel of the joy that I have felt! Ive been studying a lot of the Atonement this week as well and my testimony has really grown. One of my favorites scriptures about the atonement is in Alma 7, im pretty sure verses 11 and 12. Anyways read that and then understand what it means to "succor". I know Christ suffered for all of us, and that the only way we can be clean and free of guilt is through him. I love all you guys so much, and hope your enjoying the freezing cold and snow because its sunny and 75 here!  love you guys.

Elder Nielsen

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