Friday, December 13, 2013

Last week in the Mexico MTC

Yes! Less than one week left here in the CCM! So pumped to get to florida. Im pumped to get there and actually get a package from you guys, because the one never showed up here. Haha must of got lossed in crazy mexican shipping or something. Its all good though! Thank you for getting Jos. A. Bank to send me pants! That will be wonderful! Im hoping that I should be able to call from the airport. I think Ill just try and call from Dallas like you said cause that should be the easiest. If we could skype on christmas that would be unreal!

I loved what you said about agency though, because that really is one of the most important gifts that God has given us. Its important for me to understand too because as you know sometimes I dont like to take no for an answer. But Im learning that there are going to be people that regardless of what I say or what they feel they still wont accept it! Ive already learned that here in the CCM because this week weve been teaching all the people in our district a lot. They pretend to be people they know well that arent LDS and then we have to teach them like theyre real investigators. I was teaching one of the Elders in our district and his investigator just like refuses to accept anything and I was getting so frustrated! But I just need to chill cause its gonna be like that in Florida.

I dont even know what to write about this week because honestly not a whole lot of new stuff has happened. I guess you could say that Me and Elder Beus were kind of on injured reserve, because he rolled his ankle playing basketball and I hurt my back a little bit benching. It was unreal though because I got 195 3 times, then I wanted to get one more, but I my way i just tweaked my back a little. haha yeah I know not the brightest! But im all good now, so no worries. Weve also been waking up every morning at 545 and lifting. I love it! haha its so fun, and it helps me out a ton, because if I dont wake up and work out then I can never fall asleep write at 1030 cause Im not even tired, cause all we do is sit on our butts all day! We go lifting with Elder Acosta and Elder jensen. such homies. Im gonna miss those guys so much. Elder Acostas companion Elder Jensen is so skinny. Like ridiculous. haha he only weighs like 105. he loves lifting with us though, and then whenever its meal times, we always make him eat like 4 plates so that he can BULK UP! so funny then were always making jokes about being Swoll and stuff. haha yeah I know we sound like the typical teenagers but were just finding ways to make the CCM more enjoyable because if we dont then we would be like the hermanas in our district that look like they want to die half the time. haha k that was kinda rude but its true.

We also had some rad spiritual experiences this week. On tuesday night we taught our night teacher Hermano Enciso, but he was an Investigator weve taught a few times named Tito. We were praying so hard before hand for the spirit because the lesson before that one was straight garbage so we recommitted ourselves to really focus on the spirit, and let me tell ya it worked! Holy cow, afterwards we were talking and I mean even though he wasnt an actual investigator and it was just our teacher, the spirit was real, and it was really there! We didnt teach one thing that we planned on teaching that lesson, and it was easily the best lesson we had ever had. He had a lot of questions about faith, so we just turned straight to the scriptures in Alma 32. That night when I was writing about it I honestly couldnt even remember half the things that we taught or said because it wasnt us it was just straight spirit talking.

After that I seriously wanted just every lesson to feel and be exactly the same, and the only way I can do that is if I completely rely upon the Lord and His Spirit. Because if I want a lesson to be powerful for an investigator I have to teach according to their needs, and most of the time I never even know what half of their problems or needs are. But God does, and thats whats amazing about this gospel! I want Him to be able to work through me, so that I can teach every time exactly what the investigator needs to hear. I know this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I really love the Book of Mormon because all a person has to do to know that this church is true, is read and pray about the Book of Mormon. they dont even have to read the whole thing before they pray, to know that its true. How awesome is that! Familia I love you so much, and I already love my mission so much! Keep growing and nourishing your faith!

Elder Nielsen

Oh and by the way I just wanted you to know that Me and Elder Beus caused new rules here in the CCM. Haha we got told we werent allowed to dunk one day, and then the next day all over the CCM theres this  paper up called the 10 commandments of gym, and one of them is no dunking. So yeah, I guess were pretty cool ;). haha just thought I would let you know. 

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