Monday, December 30, 2013

Fountainebleau area 12-30-13

Missionary Christmas!
Just wanted to say what up from the hoods of Miami! haha whoop whoop! It was awesome to hear from all of you on Christmas, but sorry momma let me just say that it was easily the worst day in my mish so far! It was the only time ive been sad cause i just missed you guys a ton! But yeah that night when we went out and harvested we literally found no one! So greasy we knocked doors for 3 and half hours and nobody would listen or they just werent home. Usually we can get 3 blessings in an hour easy, but during those 3 and half hours we only got 4. Its all good though because we got another baptism coming tonight!

His name is Osmar and he has literally been taught by 8 sets of missionaries! Yeah crazy, but weve visited him a couple times but when we went and visited him on saturday night you could tell something had changed in him. He truly had been humbled. Him and his wife were telling us how they were in tough times right now and that they believe its because they're not being obedient to God and His Commandments. His wife is less active. But anyways we asked Osmar what he felt he needed to do to fix this and he knew and he said he needs to be baptized! So awesome so we set a time for tonight at 630 because he couldnt do it yesterday. But it was just so awesome to see how he was really just like the people in Alma 32 that he was humbled in his afflictions and finally prepared to be baptized! But so yeah hes getting baptized tonight by the bishop.

Last night was also really cool too, because we went and did some harvesting in some apartments we had just found and holy cow everyone there is just prepared to receive the gospel. 3 doors in a row there was 3 families that all welcomed us in and let us bless their home and all accepted baptism! So crazy! I wanted to just weep tears of joy! But yeah now we need to do good follow up with them, and teach them so they can get into the waters. sorry I dont have enough time to go into details about them but Ill let you know more if theyre gonna get baptized soon.

Its great to hear that you guys are all doing well in O-town and enjoying the mountains. Man I miss those but they are so many beautiful things here in florida. haha its just really hot! But Kyle I didn't receive a letter from you this week so I expect a good one next week! Familia, this gospel is true. It just does bring so much happiness to everyone who lives it! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to help people come to this joy! Im so grateful for our savior Jesus Christ. I know that he truly took upon him all of the sins of the world, and that the only way we can be cleansed from sin is through Him. I know that He knows us perfectly so we just have to learn how to trust in him. I love you all so much and would just like to invite you to try and find ways to serve others. I truly have learned that we are the happiest when were not thinking about ourselves. In the mish I honestly dont care that I sweat buckets all day or that some people like to yell f words at us on the roads, when we find just one person who lets us pray with them or when we teach someone a powerful lesson it truly makes it all worth it! I have already learned to find joy in the things that I do have, because there are a lot of people in this world who have basically nothing. I love and miss you all so much, just keep living right and helping others!
Elder Nielsen

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