Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC


Happy Thanksgiving!! Whoop whooop! I read all your emails and it sounds pretty chill! Dad thanks for the updates on Ziggy I loved that! Im pumped that your training for Boston and working so hard. Youre gonna make it for sure. Hope your thanksgiving is as good as mine has been cause its been a legendary day, and its only 4 baby! We went to the temple again this morning and I did the whole thing in spanish! There were only a few parts I had a hard time understanding so I was pumped about that. We got back, and we had Turkey dinner! For lunch! Haha easily best meal weve here in the ccm and I ate like 4 slices of pumpkin pie and ice cream! Then after lunch we went and changed, then we went and played some turkey bowl football! It was so flippin fun! we had like 15 guys on each team. We played for like a solid 45 mins before a teacher came and told us we couldnt play anymore because were actually not allowed to play football here. I guess thats why they dont have any footballs lying around. But Elder Lloyd brought one so thats what we used. haha I got like a 50 yard TD catch from him so that was sweet. Anyways then right after that we went and played some basketball and I made a video of me dunking so I can prove it too you pops! Haha ill try and upload it.

Anyways I dont even know where to start for this week a lot has happened. I guess first off I can talk a little bit some of our responsibilities weve had this week as zone leaders. So on thursday night we had to welcome a new district and that wasnt hard at all, all we had to do was give them the low down of life here in the CCM. Then on Saturday this Hermana in our zone hurt her knee playing soccer so we had to help her out with that a little bit, but mainly her district did all the heavy lifting. So then on sunday we had a zone fast for her which was rough! haha never been so hungry in my life, but we made it all the way to dinner and I know well receive blessings for being diligent. On Sunday we also had to teach the knew district about worthiness right before they went in for interviews with the branch presidency. So that was interesting. . . Haha I branch president pretty much told us to just be as blunt as possible so we pretty much talked about everything. Yeah everything if you catch my drift. But luckily none of them went home after their interviews so they all must be doing good! Haha.

Thank you so much for the donuts! I was so pumped when they said I got a package! Thank you so much for sending the letter and package to Elder Acosta as well. It got here today, and so when we got back from the temple I went into our room, and sitting on our district leaders bed was the letter opened to Elder Acosta. On the envelope it just says to Elder Acosta or Elder Nielsen and he opened it! I seriously raged. I pretty much told him that if he ever opens a letter that says my name on it again im gonna fight him. Haha yeah I need to repent, seriously. But I dont know why it seriously just made me so mad. Hes the one who I have patience issues with. . . Me and beus both. But anyways I gave the letter to Acosta and he said hes going to pick it up in a little bit after he finishes emailing. I love you guys so much, that seriously meant the world to me and Acosta already told me that it means a lot to him too.

I feel like me and Beus are learning how to work a lot better together, and are become a lot better teachers. Last night we had TRC which is just real volunteer members come in and we talk to them and teach them just something about the gospel. The hard thing is just understanding them. They talk so fast! But I understood basically everything, and Beus was actually able to understand them, and teach well in spanish too! We were both pumped afterwards. Im so grateful to be zone leaders I love it! We get to meet a lot more people, and its good because it motivates us to be better examples and work harder.

Haha the ccm is hard but fun at the same time. Usually the afternoons are sometimes the worse but then every night our night teacher just motivates us hard core, and then every night in our casa is hilarious. Me and this other Elder Nielsen who lives in our casa play ping pong every night. Our table is just like a basic dinner table with pillows in the middle as our net. Haha so funny! I pretty much smoke him everytime with my left hand so its getting old.

I love you guys so much, and miss you a ton! But I just really try to focus on the work because this really is the most important work there is on the planet!  I love learning about the gospel and learning more how to listen and teach by the spirit. Its tough work to teach people not lessons, but Me and Beus have made it a goal to never leave a lesson feeling like all we taught was the lesson and that they didnt get anything out of it. Love you guys and thanks so much for the packages and emails!

Elder Nielsen

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