Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Arrived at the Mexico MTC for 6 week training

I am here at the Mexico MTC. It already feels amazing to be here! I just finished watching a little intro video about whats going on, and they told us to write an email letting you guys know that were alive. The flight here was great. Haha as soon as we left Utah I fell asleep for the majority of the flight. Guess I was just tired from all the goodbyes! The only part that was a little stressful was the drive here from the airport. Mexico streets are nutty! No lane markings anywhere, people changing lanes at random times, people walking through the roads selling random crap. Haha one guys was selling toilet paper so that was neat. The best part about my flights was that I was with 2 other elders going to my same mission! Elder Stewart and Elder Corey. Great guys. Well anyways hope your surviving without me, and te amo!!
Elder Nielsen

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