Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 1 in the Mexico City MTC (or CCM)

With his first companion Elder Beus
Hola Familia!! K right off I have to say sorry that this all just
going to be in one huge bunch because I somehow picked an computer
with a broken return key!! Anyways thank you all so much for the
amazing emials!! I got your Dear Elder email mom, but I never got an
actual letter so if you want to tell people they can just email me
than that would be fine. We get an hour to send emails so it should be
plenty of time since I can type fairly fast. Wow I don´t even know
where to start so much has happened since that first night that we got
here and the first thing they told us to do was send an email. But
yeah the first person I saw was Hermana Jones. So good to see her!
When we first got here they gave us a huge packet with all our info
about everything in it. So I just went with some of the other Elders
who were on my same bus here to dinner, and then we went and tried to
find our companions because a bunch of people got here at different
times during the day. Anyways I found him, and his name is Elder Beus.
He lived in Highland, UT and went to Lone Peak, and played football.
We ate dinner together that night, and just talking to him I knew we
were going to work well together. I got all my stuff unpacked, and yes
Mom I remembered where everything was. While unpacking though I
realized I only forgot one thing. . . My toothbrush charger!! I was so
ticked, but if you try and send that to me that would be great because
thats one thing I can´t buy here. First night I layed in bed for like
an hour kind of in shock. Haha I wasn´t really sad or anything I was
just kind of in shock. So our first day of class was good. Our teacher
is named Hermana Dominguez, and she barely speaks any english. So we
walk in to class and she starts speaking in straight spanish and I
understood most of it, but then I look at Elder Beus and his eyes look
huge, and he was in straight shock. haha he literally knows no
spanish!! Our class is everyone in our district which is 6 elders and
3 hermanas, and we all know spanish pretty well except for Elder Beus!
So I´ve been helping him out a ton. We also live in the same room in
our casa with 2 other elders that are in our district, and they´re
both literally fluent, so they´ve been helping us both out. I´m so
grateful that I´m speaking spanish because I already love studying it
and speaking it and am learning really quickly. Anyways I´ll tell you
what our typical day is. We wake up at 630 get ready, then go get
breakfast. usually the only thing they serve here thats good for
breakfast is just scrambled eggs. And to make them actually taste good
you have to dump this sauce called Valentino on them. They also have
cereal, but they only have 3 kinds and its always fruit loops frosted
flakes and corn puffs. After breakfast we go to personal study in
classroom for an hour. That sometimes can be rough because it´s hard
to stay focused for an hour or sometimes were just really tired. Next
we have morning classes. our morning classes which basically last til
lunch. They vary from day to day but Hermana Dominguez always teaches
us during the morning. Then lunch is always the biggest meal of the
day. Most of the time its just meats that use to make tacos with, and
then they have rice and beans and sauces that you use to make tacos.
The rice and beans here are always good, but sometimes the meats can
be a little sketchy. After lunch we have Language study on the
computers, then after that we have additional study time which is you
just study whatever you want, or whatever you feel you need to. after
that we have more language study time but this time its out of the red
language books they gave us. Me and Elder Beus always study so hard
during language time because he seriously knew nothing about spanish.
But we´ve both already learned so much already! next is gym time which
is always sick. We only have an hour, but you can play basketball
lift, play football, ping pong. Pretty much everything. Me and Beus
like to lift though. Haha were literally like exactly the same! I
seriously can´t say how grateful I am to have such a great companion!
We´ve also played some basketball during gym time, and I dunked for my
first time on a 10 ft hoop 2 days ago. Haha it was so sick! Yesterday
during gym time me and Beus had a dunk contest on this basketball hoop
behing our casa thats around 9 feet tall and it was rad. Anyways after
gym they give you awhile to shower and get ready, and also plan out
your next day. Then dinner. Im not gonna lie weve had some pretty
awful dinners. haha one night we had hot dogs and I literally took one
bite of it, and then felt like I was going to vomit it was so nasty.
So pretty much we usually just try and feast on tacos during lunch so
if its nasty dinner we can just eat a nutella sandwich and be chill.
Then after dinner it´s my favorite part of the day, we teach our
"investigator", and have companionship study til 930. I put
investigator in quotes because hes not actually an investigator, hes a
member who pretends to be. But I love it because everytime we teach I
feel the spirit so strong. We literally taught him for our first time
our second day here. haha beus still didnt know how to say my name is
Elder Beus in spanish!! So our first lesson I did most of the talking
but since then its only gone up! our last lesson was amazing because
we got him to commit to baptism, because the lesson before we invited
him to pray to know that the book of mormon was true. Beus taught the
whole first vision to him in spanish. That shows how rapidly hes
learning because it had only been a week. Im already so excited to go
out into the field and teach real investigators about the gospel in
espanol! then we go home at 930, usually try and trade ties with some
of the other elders in our casa then go to bed at 1030. Today has been
really good because its been our first P day, and we got to go the
temple this morning. The session was in all spanish, so they gave us
headphones so we could listen in English, but I took mine off, and
could actually understand most of it. So im excited for next time we
get to go, and ill do it in all spanish! The drive to and from the
temple were awesome because it was a 45 min drive to get there so we
got to see a lot of Mexico City, and let me tell you it looks about
the same everywhere. Everything is concrete and dirty, and has
graffiti on it. I seriously couldnt imagine having to live there
because its so loud, so crowded and so dirty. then you get to the CCM
and we just have this huge perfectly maintained campus and its all
fenced off with barbwire at the top and everything. Anyways im gonna
try and send some pictures now in a seperate email, but I hope this
email was good enough, and send me some feedback on what I can do so
the next one is better!! Let me know how everyone is doing because I
really want to know! I love you guys so much, and think about you
every night when I flip through my book of photos! The church is true,
and I know that with all my heart, and I know that God answers our
prayers. All we have to do is ask with real faith, and a sincere
heart!! Love, Elder Nielsen
Mexico City Missionary Training Center (CCM)
Mexico City Temple

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