Monday, December 8, 2014

Coral Reef North Area 12-8-2014

A member bought us all super hero shirts!
Thank you as always for all your wonderful emails and pictures! Those christmas pics were super awesome! It feels a lot like christmas here too, even though it still is 75 and sunny all the time! haha I know this is gonna sound like the most wimpy thing ever but it actually got a little bit cold this week! haha for real! It gets dark at like 6 now and as soon as the sun goes down, it cools down quite a bit. So then were biking and were still in short sleeves so it can get pretty chilly! I'm excited to get the christmas package! I should get it this week because we have a christmas mission conference on Wednesday.

This week there were a lot of good things that happened. We got to teach Ulda everything this week and she was super solid. She passed her interview on saturday night and she was solid for baptism the next day, but then on Sunday morning when we went to go round her up for church she wasn't there and her mom said that her friend was in the hospital and that she was there with her. Sadly, she has no cell phone so we had no way of contacting her. And we haven't seen her since. Hopefully she is still chill though, and we can set up a solid day for her baptism.

This week as well we did a FHE with a huge honduranian family. There was literally like 30 people in this tiny little house. Haha it was super rowdy but super fun. There are several people living there who aren't members so were trying to work with them. We had all of their kids act out the nativity as we read it out of the scriptures. (Just like we do back home on christmas eve :)) Then we taught about the role of Jesus Christ. It was a super good lesson and were going to be working with the non members of the family this week for sure.

We also found a super awesome cuban lady that came to church yesterday. Her name is Griselda. We taught her the word of wisdom this week and she had been drinking coffee for all of her life and she gave it up in one day. So sick. She should  be getting baptized this weekend as well.

Sorry I'm out of time now, but i love you all, and keep sharing the gift! Remember our savior Jesus Christ because truly He is the reason for the season! Have a great week!
Elder Nielsen

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