Monday, May 25, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 5-25-2015


Wow!! What a week it has been here in Ft. laud! Holy cow so much has happened! But first, what the junk is Elder Brimley doing with my family!? haha that is so cool that he came to see you guys! I love that man! Such a good companion! Also, Reid and Ryan get home this week!! Ahhh!! That is not chill! And Kylie is graduating this week!! Wow, I feel like I have been gone forever now!! So weird!! It's all good though! I look forward to next week and hearing about how everything goes! :)

So, back to our week here in Ft. Lauderdale. This week it actually hit me that I'm an assistant. . . We started off the week with zone conferences. Which basically are just a big meeting where 2 or 3 zone's come together and President Richardson and Us, and some other people give some trainings, and then we eat some food. So we had those on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So we were all over the mission and we met with all of the missionaries. It just felt so weird giving a training to the whole mission. But it went really good and the spirit was strong so that's all that matters! Then on Friday we had our big meeting with President and Sister Richardson where we start working on Transfers! Ohhh man, was that intense! How it works is there's a big board, and on the board is a picture of every single missionary, and by their picture there's a bunch of information like when they go home, what areas they have served in, and who their past companions are. Then you start making the changes! Well first obviously you start with a prayer! :) sorry, but then you take off all the missionaries who are going home, and you decide which missionaries need to become leaders, who needs to leave their area, what companionships are doing good, what areas need to close and open, or re-open. It's crazy! But it's so inspired! It's basically just like a giant puzzle and you're trying to fill all of the holes where you need to put people. It was a lot of fun though, and it's a blast working with the Richardson's. 

This week we had another great week in our area as well!! Ft. lauderdale West is the promised land!! I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but we have actually been teaching Mary's sister in law. She speaks literally no english. Only marshallese. But she has come to church several times and Mary just translates everything for her. So we started teaching her last week, and she is actually really cool!! Like unbelievably legit! She asked us when she could be baptized! So when all goes well, she will be getting baptized this weekend! Also this past week we had been working with a really cool Haitian lady named Marline. She is best friends with another recent convert in the ward. Marlne is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. When we first met her you could tell she was stressed out of her mind. She has 4 kids under the age of 8. Her husband doesn't really do much other than go to work, and come home and sleep. So she was just stressed out all of the time. But. . . this past weekend she got baptized and confirmed!! So awesome! Sorry i don't have more time to write all about it, but let's just say it was an amazing experience!! After her confirmation she just wouldn't stop thanking us! You could tell that she felt at peace. 

I'm out of time again, but I love you all!! I know this is the Lord's work! I'm so grateful for all of the miracles that I've seen over the course of my mission! I know my Savior lives, and that He is the "Prince of Peace"! 
Elder Nielsen

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