Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fountainebleau (Miami) area 1-21-14

Hope you weren't too worried that I'm writing a day late! Yeah we had a huge tropical storm yesterday and weren't allowed to leave our houses all day so we get to write today instead! The storm was crazy though it was raining so hard!

Just kidding mom!! We didn't have a tropical storm, yesterday was MLK day so Pres pushed P day to today so we could proselyte more while people are at home and off of work! haha hope i got you going for a sec!

Anyway this week has been so rad! So many miracles happened and I was just lovin life all week. Sounds like life back home is going great too except for some snow issues! Dad, that's so funny that you got put back into Priests! you gotta let me know for sure when people start getting calls where everybody in the ward is going! Also I want to crossfit so bad! It was also cool to hear from all of you guys about mitchell's farewell! I was thinking about it on sunday, and am a little sad I missed it, but it was good that he gave me a shout out!

So like I said this week we saw some amazing success. I seriously can't describe how lucky I am to be here in Fountainebleau. The Lord has blessed us so much here! We taught a lot of lessons this week which was really good. I feel like my teaching in spanish is getting a lot better and I'm starting to understand Cuban spanish better! One of our investigators is this really cool guy named Juan he's like 75 but you wouldn't tell just from looking at him. He's in incredible shape and he doesn't smoke or drink or anything! So in other words prime baptism! But he's lived in the U.S. for 30 years and he's a truck driver so he's been all over the U.S. and he literally does not speak a lick of english! He is straight cuban!

We also taught this family called Calvos. We've been teaching them ever since we got here, but they haven't always been keeping commitments so it's been on and off. But we decided to just throw down on them about finding out for themselves and coming to church and it worked! Boldness! haha they came to church and are reading and loving it! the mom her name Leanor, she is the sweetest lady! She calls us her adopted sons. So we were over there this week and she's just feeding us all this food. She feeds us literally everytime we come over. So she brings out this cake and we start eating and were like wow this is pretty good! Ask her what kind of cake it is and she says with this smile on her face, "It's rum cake!" Me and my companion just look at each other. . . OK. . . Haha so funny! We didn't want to embarrass her so we just ate the rest but the next time over we taught the word of wisdom! it was so funny though me and Elder Ward we're just trying not to bust up laughing.

Like I said the work here is great, and were seeing a lot of success just not a lot of baptisms right now! It's alright though because I feel like this next week we have so many potentials, We've got the familia Calvos who are really close just need a little extra nudge, as well as this guy Julio who committed for this Sunday as well as the Cuban guy Juan and his wife. We have so much potential but people are just hesitant to get in the water and be baptized! We're trying so hard to overcome concerns, but we're just telling them that all they need to is pray! But they keep letting little non important things get in the way! It's all good I need to be grateful that we at least have people to teach!

I know this is Christ's church here on the earth today! The people who attend church aren't perfect and sometimes things don't always run as smoothly as they should, but nonetheless this is still his church! We truly do have His authority, and we have the fulness of the gospel! I'm so grateful to have this knowledge and just want to help everyone receive these same blessings! I love you so much familia and am so grateful for all you do!
Elder Nielsen

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