Monday, October 5, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 10-5-2015

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I wanted to start off by saying congrats to Dad on finishing his 9th St. George Marathon! Holy cow, my Dad is a beast! And also congratulations to Blaine and Jen for giving birth to the cutest baby ever! Wow they have some cute kids!

The Highlight of this week was definitely conference weekend! Wow, my appreciation for Apostles, and Prophets has grown so much! Before I dive in to how much stuff I learned I'll give a brief summary of the week! This week started off with preparing for MLC which was on Friday. It went really good, it definitely wasn't the best training we've ever given but it was still good! It's crazy to think that was the last training I will give as an assistant! But don't let anybody here in the mission know that! ;) Nobody here other than my companions knows that I will be dropping. I'm really looking forward to it. Life as an assistant is fun, and you feel like you have a lot more freedom, but at the same time it's so exhausting! It will be really nice to just enjoy my last 6 weeks not having to worry about all the other extra junk that comes from being AP.

This week was also just one of those weeks where you can't seem to catch a break! Sometimes as a missionary you just lose contact with all or all of your investigators drop you! haha this week was definitely one of those! It's all good though, we did find one super solid Haitian lady named Marie (who speaks English) that came to conference and loved it! Other than that not much happened because we didn't have a whole lot of time to work in our area between MLC planning, actual MLC and General Conference!

But the main thing that I learned this week is about Personal Progression. I'm so bad at remembering details but there was one talk where it was all about receiving inspiration for our own lives and constantly be progressing. Because this life is like an escalator moving down and we're trying to run up it. So if we're not constantly trying to keep running forward then in reality we are moving backwards. What I loved about the talk, is that if we're really seeking what God wants us to improve on, He won't give us a giant list of all the things that we suck at and then tell us to improve them all. It will just be one aspect of our lives and then build upon that. I think sometimes we as normal human beings are able to see all of our many imperfections at once and then try and fix them all at once. Which obviously never works, and will eventually lead to discouragement. I learned how important it is for us to identify what small, and simple aspects of our lives the Lord wants us to improve on, and then with His help start working to fix them! I know that we have a Heavenly Father who sees us a people with divine potential. I'm so grateful that He views us as what we can become rather than what we are in the moment. I know that through our Savior Jesus Christ and coming unto Him and following Him we can make our weaknesses become our strengths. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Nielsen

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