Monday, September 14, 2015

Ft. Lauderdale West 9-14-2015


I can't believe BYU won on another hail mary! That is legendary! It sounded like you all had a great week and everyone seems to be getting used to the school schedule and everything!  Mom, I haven't got the package yet, but I'm sure it came. I just haven't been to the office since Friday so we will check this week. So, as I'm sure you've noticed with me, and all my friends as well when it gets near the end of your mission everyone's emails just get worse and worse! So I'm sorry, I'm trying to still write good ones, but this week I'm just feeling extra lazy, so I will probably do most of it in pictures. Don't worry though, the pictures will be good! 

Just a quick update though! This week was a really quick one. On Friday we had MLC, where us and President give a training to all the mission leadership. We were super nervous, but it went way better than we expected. The spirit is so real, and helped us out a ton! Odaysha, and Shanice's nephew Dee were baptized on Saturday! It was legendary! Shanice

was so happy to see some of her family join the church, and now we're working on her sister (D's mother) so things are going great with their family! Other than that I don't have too much to say! The last 6 months of my mission have been some of the best so far! It's great because know I finally feel like I understand and know how to do missionary work. Before I would just try my hardest but still made so many dumb mistakes and didn't always understand everything, and got super stressed out. But now things are chill, in a good kind of way. I don't have to stress too much, I understand better how to actually help people, and know I get to help other missionaries do the same! 

I love you all so much, and hope you have a great week! Now get ready for some sick pics!

Elder Nielsen 

So, last monday for "pros" monday. (Which just means a not P day monday) We went down to Key West! President told us to go and check up on the elders down there, and it was sweet! So all of these first pictures will be of our trip down there! 

This is what it looks like driving down there

And the southernmost point marker

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